Friday, December 6, 2013


I drive past a lot of road work.
 You know the scene...traffic down to one lane, while 5 guys stand around looking at one guy in a hole. Not a bad gig, if you can get it, but it's almost a catalyst of why our country is such a disaster, and why things are so expensive.
 I've been at both ends of the spectrum.
I've been in situations where I've called my boss and said "get this guy outta here, unless you like paying someone to watch someone else work", and I've worked on some amazing crews.
 For instance, I worked for a commercial builder and we were building DrumBar on the 18th floor of a hotel downtown. The hotel fired the contractor (my boss) because he was a total shit bag, but hired all of us to finish the project. Once we were released from the clutches of our evil boss, this guy Aron Lafonde became the foreman, and let me tell was like watching a fucking ballet. Everyone worked together and everyone worked. It was a great example of the human machine.
 Those days are gone and now I'm a one man army.
Yesterday I went to Salvage One to complete the ironing board table.
 I mounted the side shelf, and lacquered the piece. Collin then shows me a vintage Eames or Miller airport section seating piece. It had a I-beam sticking off both ends where they would secure more sections, so he wanted to put end tables.
 He took me up to the 3rd floor table graveyard. It's a room packed with orphaned furniture that was either broken or just ugly.
 We found a table that had a 1.5" thick cherry top. I brought it down to the shop, chopped it up, and mocked it up.
 It's a little strange to have a hand in modifying a piece created by one of the design greats. I was very concerned with making sure the end tables looked like they belonged there.
 When I got home, my buddy Jim brought me not one, but TWO factory carts to work on.
One is a piece of shit that I will de-shit, and the other is amazing.
 Then I went to Home Depot with my brother-in-law to pick up the trim for his kids room that I've been renovating.
 After the smoke of the day cleared, and I laid in bed with my family, I thought about those 5 guys looking at the one guy in the hole. No matter how easy the job, or how much money....I'll always be the guy in the hole.

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