Monday, January 20, 2014


A couple of weeks ago I was expressing how I wanted a project that was more challenging and involved...well, here it is.
 The original spark was a trestle table. It's turning into, what I am calling a "Viking" table.
It's being deemed the Viking table because when it's done, you would envision a horde of Vikings dining at it.
 After welding up the cross bar, I threw a live edge Pine slab on it, which looked cool, but when you sat at it, your knees hit the cross bar.
 The old manager at Salvage One was notorious for using cool materials in order to make absolutely pointless pieces. On the fourth floor, there is a room that he used to create these abominations, and in that room, he took these beautiful 12' long old growth boards and bolted them from floor to ceiling for no apparent reason or purpose other then making it difficult for ME to remove and use this material.
 A good chunk of a build day was wasted just trying to get these monsters into the shop to be cut down for the table top.
 I also dug up these really cool cast iron corbels which are actually vintage sink mounts. I'll have to modify them a bit so that they have as much function as they do aesthetic.
 From the looks of the picture, one would say that I was pretty close to sending this off to market. I am not anywhere in the neighborhood of "close".
 The top is 8'X3' and has to be planed and joined entirely by hand, and most likely will take weeks.
THIS, however is a perfect time to embark on a long running project.
 Furniture sales slow down this time of year because everyone is recovering from the holidays, and people in Chicago are so over being fucking cold that they don't want to leave their caves.
 I am going to work on some other projects through the creation of the Viking table.
 One of those projects will be BRECLAIMED t-shirts. I have secured BRAIN KILLER who is a Chicago street artist and a guy that I grew up with. You can GOOGLE him to see what he's all about.
 The shirts will be hand screened in San Francisco by Martin Crudo (singer of hardcore legends Los Crudos, as well as my brother-in-law).
 There will be a select few given away and a small run for sale.
If you follow this blog at all, you will see a pattern. That pattern is family. Some of the family is blood and some is extended. I out source very little if anything at all.
 I make great efforts to bring "family" into what I do. I do it because my pieces are "alive" to me.
To be able to look at what I've created and to be able see the souls of  those who contribute to what I call my art, is sacred to me.
 When you upcycle, or recycle, or reclaim, or whatever you wanna call it, it means that you're giving something new life. I'm taking it a step further and not giving it new LIFE, I'm giving it new LIVES.

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