Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Last week I walked into Salvage One and all my projects were done and on the floor for sale.
 I didn't have any preconceived ideas for a new project other then Collin loosely mentioning that there was a customer that wanted a 9' Trestle table.
 There has been this giant, semi-rotted beam that I've been tripping over for the last few months, and I decided to see what was under the rot.
 I cut 6' feet off the length so that I could at least move it around, only to discover that 6' of beam is still a formidable weight to man handle.
 Once I removed all the nails, I went to work with a couple of draw knifes. Peeling layer after layer of rotted wood and revealing a nice chunk of wood.
 Next, I cut 2 pieces down to 28" (with a dull hand saw).
I stared at those 2 pieces and it screamed "BORING" at me. I dug up 2 old bar table bases and cut em' up, and then mortised them into the bottoms of my beams.
 I never had an idea of what to build that day, or any selected material to build with, I winged it, and I'm still winging it, and I'll wing it until it turns into something.
 As far as a Trestle table for a customers request....probably not gonna happen.
This has become an experiment in freedom. A exercise in "don't think...just do".
 As adults, we work within the realm of "structure".
Wake up, have coffee, get the kids to school, take this route to work, have lunch, back to work, pick up the kids, make dinner....all within increments  dictated by minutes.
 It's no wonder people go bus stop crazy and shoot up a supermarket, or ride the train butt naked!
Everyone needs to let go...a little bit. Let your brain go everywhere and nowhere at the same time.
 I used to think that those people who paint themselves at sub zero sporting events were crazy.
I get it now. You work at life all week, fuck it, paint your titties blue, scream your head off, and I'll be cheering you on when I see your crazy ass on the jumbo-tron of life.

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