Thursday, January 30, 2014


It's been a really long time since I've reviewed a handmade product.
 While I was in the shop a few weeks ago, I came across a length of fire hose.
I cannot for the life of me tell you why I picked it up. I think I was looking for the business end of a extension cord and saw it peeking out from under the work table, and pulled it out.
 My first thought was "wow, this is some heavy duty shit", I mean, I don't think I've ever actually held a fire hose, because I'm not a fireman.
 I tucked it away and got back to work, but while I was working, I was trying to think of things I could make out of it. My first thought was a belt.
 I destroy belts. Carrying wood and steel all day, over time just destroys a belt, even leather belts get eaten away.
 The next morning I started researching fire hoses, and all these things came up that people make with fire hoses. I was not looking to purchase anything because I had a piece of fire hose and I'll make something myself, but the last site I clicked on was a place called does mostly leather work. Really beautiful handcrafted leather work.
The prices on his leather goods were a fraction of what Bill Wall or Gaboratory are, and a little more classic as opposed to "yuppie biker ornate".
 Aside from j10customs leather work, he makes these wallets out hoses. Reclaimed from a Colorado Fire Dept. which means that these wallets once extinguished peoples burning homes.
 I need another wallet like I need another tattoo, but sometimes you bust out the credit card and treat yourself. I justify it to myself as "research".
 My "research" has been in my pocket for a week now, and 7 out of 10 times someone will ask me where I got it from when I bust it out.
 These guys should load up the inside pockets of these wallets with their business cards when they ship em' out, so I don't have to talk to other humans and I can just hand out their card.
 Buying handmade stuff online is always a crap shoot, but coming from a quality aficionado like myself, you can bet the farm that this thing will probably outlast your own existence.
 So, check out for yourself,

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