Monday, January 6, 2014

HELLO 2014.

I survived the Holidays.
 As enjoyable as they are, there is always an element of impending doom that lingers in the background.
 I want to take a minute and send my love and condolences to my sister-in-law who lost her father on New Years Eve. Her father (Joe) was a photo journalist and a great man with a infectious aura of  kindness. I am absolutely horrible in those situations, and for someone with such a big mouth, I am ALWAYS at a loss for words.
 My first project of 2014 was another Factory Cart circa 1930.
A nice way to ease into the New Year.
 We've all seen them re-done before, There are no great leaps in furniture design happening here, but it was a very shitty cart that was  re-done exceptionally well.
 One of the more unique features is that the top is made from  flooring reclaimed from a Chicago police station.
 You can't really tell from the photos that the slats have alternating blue and white strips.
I never bothered to ask the history of the reclaimed police station flooring, I just chopped it up and put it in place.
 In my opinion it was the perfect piece to ease into the new year.
There is a restlessness inside of me that I am trying to calm. My goal for this year is to take on more difficult projects and execute a higher level of craftsmanship. What that means is, slowing my brain speed down to meet my hand speed.
 It's really a exercise in consciousness. Being aware of every moment. Believe me, it's much more difficult then it sounds.
 Most people probably don't think that furniture making is that deep, but for is.
For me, it's as much about self  discovery as it is about making a cool piece.
 THAT is what separates me from the rest of the herd, and I believe it shows in my work.

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