Monday, February 17, 2014


Whenever I see the words "Heavy Metal", I automatically go back to my childhood where me and my brother were desperately trying to watch the animated movie called "Heavy Metal" on a shitty black and white TV.
 Back then, there was a paid movie channel called "ONTV", which we didn't have, but if you screwed around with the TV dial just right, you could get a skewed image and no sound. If you were really lucky, and you were able to stay up late enough, when they were showing soft core porn, you just might catch a glimpse of a boob.
 Ok, everyone back in the DeLorean, cause we're going back to present day so I can show you what happens when you spend your childhood looking at skewed boobs on pirate TV...
 I originally wanted to make a table for the metal shop that I could attach to the concrete floor, and then mount my bender to.
 I dug up some vintage Pollard table legs (ok, I didn't dig em' up, Collin pretty much pointed to a pile of them on the dock), and affixed a welded steel top.
 Usually one would mount a slab of wood, then put the steel on top of the wood. I welded the top right to the base.
 The bottom shelf is some beautifully aged wood. The pieces of wood that I grabbed were burnt, and once the charred wood was removed, there was some really nice grain hidden beneath.
 At the end of the day, it dawned on me that this table was too pretty to be bolted to the floor of  a dark, dirty metal shop.
 These days, I'm in the spirit of letting things go. Emotional and material.
Emotionally letting go of whatever weighs on me, and materialistically...selling what can be sold, giving what can make someone close...happy, as well as what I don't need and someone else can very well use.
 It's like spring cleaning for the soul. I actually feel lighter.
I'm no scientist, but I do know that if you put some "good" out in the universe, it comes back to you.

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