Monday, February 24, 2014


Even as a kid, whenever someone would say "never give up", my first thought was always "don't tell me what to do".
 There is definitely a time when someone should throw in the towel. Knowing WHEN to quit will determine your success or failure.
 The first photo is a stringer cart that I rebuilt.
As soon as I flipped it over and saw all the rust, broken wood, bent legs, missing and bent bolts, I wanted to give up on it.
 These carts are supposed to be quick money makers. They're supposed to be the projects that you put a little into and get a lot out of.
 Not this one.
Just removing the wood was a chore because the bolts were rusted and bent. Finding new wood to replace the old was a challenge because the existing wood was 1 3/8" thick. That is NOT a common thickness, so I had to notch every board.
 One of the legs was almost completely bent under, so I had to heat it up and then smash the shit out of it with a 3lb blacksmith hammer.
 This cart was the universe's way of keeping me in check.
I think the universe bitch slapped me, because the day before, I knocked out another steel work table (2nd photo) almost effortlessly. That build was like a ballet featuring fire and steel and when the show was over, it got a standing ovation.
 I'm thinking that I probably walked into the shop a little cocky the next day, and I got the universal boot to the balls because of it.
 I'm not so sure that universe conspires for or against me, but I do know this...I've been kicked in the balls before, and I will definitely be kicked in the balls again.

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