Monday, February 10, 2014


I had a feeling my time was running out.
 I had that feeling before, right before I got hit on my motorcycle.
You see, the shop at Salvage One is massive, but everywhere you turn, there is wood.
 Old wood, scrap wood, dry wood, wood sculptures, wood furniture in various stages of completion, I mean, it's a work shop, it's supposed to be like that.
 My worry, was that one day, I would be the one responsible for burning Salvage One down to the ground.
 I'm constantly cutting, grinding, welding, and torching metal around giant piles of wood. There's sparks shooting in every direction and molten piles of shaved metal dripping from the back of the chop saw.
 It's not smart, and I fancy myself a pretty smart guy.
Last week, I had to quiet the creative spirit and do what was necessary.
 I started work on the new "Metal Shop".
I cleared out a 500sf room to the left as you walk into the shop. It was mostly filled with junk, and was pretty easy to clear out. The room is ideal because it's brick, and concrete and a big steel door separates it from some other room that I was too spooked out to peek into.
 Collin helped me drag a 12' steel welding table that was buried on the dock and covered in rust.
I grinded all the rust off, and leveled the table, then welded a hook to it for my welding helmet as well as welded a little hammer holder for a slag hammer.
 Although all of that is a pretty ambitious task in and of itself, I still managed to knock out a bunch of railroad spike hooks.
 There's still some work to be done on the new metal shop, but I have it in a workable state.
I feel like this was a huge step in the direction of putting myself in a position where I can dedicate all of my time to creating pieces and still be able to sustain a family.
 You have to crawl before you walk, and walk before you run, and everyone seems to just want to run, and if you haven't crawled to walk, and walked to just spend a lot of time falling.

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