Monday, March 10, 2014


"If you do what you love, you never work a day in your life"
 Ummmm...kind of.
Although last week, I would have much rather been in my dirty little corner of Salvage One, I have bills to pay.
 My client wanted these wood walls built for the Wrigleyville Rooftops.
For those of you that aren't familiar with the rooftops, it's a place you go eat and drink all you want for a set price, while the Cubs lose across the street.
 They're actually really nice, and this one in particular has a executive club feel.
I am a one man show, and carrying 2000lbs. of wood and tools up 5 stories worth of stairs and on to a roof, kind of takes a dump on the above mentioned cliche'.
 The roof was covered in ice and snow, and there is steel bleacher seating erected above me. It was a 50 degree day, so not only was water pouring down on me, but huge chunks of ice were succumbing to gravity and falling on my head.
 But...once all the material was up there and I actually began working, I felt alive.
5 stories above the city, a little sun peeking through, a non-painful wind, my tunes, and a client that stopped by once to bring me a cup of coffee...THAT, to me, isn't work.
 That kind of work is what I call "productive meditation".
Once it's all laid out and framed, you're able to get lost in your own head.
 No breaks, no lunch, and by 6:30pm...the job was complete.
At that point, I sat down with the last shred of daylight, and embraced the cliché.
 If you're doing something you hate, go look in the mirror and ask yourself "what the fuck am I doing?"
 Then, ask yourself why you're doing it. Security? To pay bills?
Security is a lie, and the bills are always gonna be there.
 Unless you're doing something you hate or merely tolerate, in order to finance what it is you REALLY want to do, you're wasting your time.
 In some cases, a person doesn't even know what it is that he or she really wants to do. In that case, I have no words of wisdom.
 Some of those passions have been repressed because people are concerned with what others think.
If you wanna be a clown, or some other wacky shit...go for it. But be the best clown the world has ever seen.
 I'm not the Dali Lama, but life is short. The last thing you want to do is be 75 years old shitting your diaper in a La-Z-Boy, thinking about all the things you should've done or could've been.
 You can always get another job, but you don't get multiple chances at time.

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