Monday, March 3, 2014


Little? Hardly.
 Me and Marcus (he works at Salvage One) were talking about lighting in the shop while I was working on this one.
 We were talking about how lighting is the most functional form of sculpture.
I've seen some amazing production lighting that is beautiful, but I don't feel "sculpture" from it.
 I've seen a lot of handmade lighting that screams "sculpture". So, there really needs to be a certain element present that defines the particular piece. What that element is...I have no idea. You just know it when you see it.
 I would be very interested in seeing how a thick rimmed glasses, pink socked, tight jean wearing art critic would view this "sculpture".
 I don't know any professional art critics, so I'm gonna make up my own. His name is Phillipe' Douche".
 Here is what Phillipe' Douche' had to say about my newest works....(from here on out, you have to read in a British accent)
"This is my review of Brian McQuaids latest piece titled "THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE".
The title of the piece stems from a childs song, expressing the youthfulness trapped inside the artist, while the tall steel structure conveys anything but the size or delicacy of a child.
 This piece is clearly a sculpted self portrait of the artist. The steel frame representing the hardened exterior of a man, while not brought to a completely polished finish, he is expressing his potential to be a polished artist, a so called "diamond in the rough".
 The steel mesh represents the thick skin of a man, although the steel is impervious, it is still transparent, allowing those to see inside of him.
 On the back of the piece, he has mounted a vintage pulley. This vintage pulley represents his inspiration. That inspiration stems from a time period when the country embraced the working class and a time when the craftsman was a honored part of society.
 Lastly we have the light...The artist used a cage light, that is brilliantly suspended through the aforementioned pulley.
 Whilst the light is the artists creativity, trapped inside a cage, hidden behind the thick skinned steel mesh, it is still able to penetrate and cast a warm, comforting glow for those who are close to it.
 When I caught up with the artist, this is what HE had to say about it....
"Yeah man, it's a really fuckin' cool lamp. I made it all out of steel and like it? I can hook you up, get ya a good deal on it. For $20 extra, I'll throw that shit in the back of my truck and drive to yer crib."
 I do say, truly, a diamond in the rough."

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