Monday, April 14, 2014


The title of this post is from a song by one of the bands I used to play for.
 Apparently, Matt Bessemer (our singer) was quite the wordsmith.
The funny thing is, I played in that band for almost 10 years, put out 2 albums, played 100's of shows, and I don't know what the hell he was singing about, much less the words to our songs.
 This kitchen island was actually started by Collin at Salvage One a few months ago.
He was making it for his kitchen, but then he went and bought a house in Oak Park, and it wouldn't fit in the new digs.
 I wasn't too first. I'm not a big fan of finishing something that someone else started.
As I was thinking  about it, I figured "it's all in the family" anyway, so I kind of built off the ideas that he had wanted to do in the first place.
 One of his ideas was a "dump tray" on the top. If you were chopping a bunch of stuff up, you would just throw the waste in the tray and then dump the whole thing out at once.
I was showing Marcus this old machinist tray and telling him how I was thinking about cutting it into the top. I was trying to get him to talk me out of it, because in all honesty, I was afraid of fucking up the top. It didn't work, because Marcus said "you should do'll be glad you did."
 Well, once those words stopped haunting me, a whole new set of words came by to haunt me. Those words were from Matt Bessemer..."aiming low ain't no way to get high". A set of words from 2 different bright people, was influence enough to take a deep breath, and make it work, and work it did.
 The next feature is the pot/pan hanger. That feature was born out of me being lazy and NOT wanting to make a second shelf. I did fabricate a whole steel track system so you can slide the hangers back and forth to accommodate whatever size pots and pans you have, which ended up taking more time then making a shelf...of course.
 Next up is a hand fabricated towel bar. No great leaps in engineering there.
To sum it up, it is a very functional piece.
 I've discovered a "change" in myself over the last couple of months. I've learned to listen to others, I've learned to take suggestions, and I've learned to let people in a little bit more.
 What happened to the control freak that would do the opposite of someone's suggestion just out of pure spite? I don't know. Maybe it's age, maybe it's Prozac in our water supply? Maybe, it's taking the words from my parents that I pass down to my son, which are "you are who you hang out with".
 The people that are in my immediate inner circle are intelligent, creative people.
Some of them are dreamers, and some of them are doers, but what they all have in common is a respectable vision.
 So, my dear friends and family, I hear you all, I listen to every word, I digest it and from time to time I apply it, because after all is said and done (you should have all seen this line coming) man is an island.

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