Monday, April 7, 2014


I finally made it into the shop on Friday.
 Things have been very hectic lately as far as work goes. Run here, run there, squeeze this job in, bounce to another one, run back and finish this job, load tools in, load tools by the time Friday rolled around, I cleared the schedule because I just NEEDED to be in the shop.
 Some people drink, some people do drugs, I....I need to make things. I need to throw my apron on, go in my hole, crank the tunes, and get lost in the act of making something.
 I knocked out a few sets of railroad spike hooks for Tete Charcuterie (a restaurant on Randolph) and The Music Exchange, but after that, I was kind of lost.
 There's never a shortage of projects, but it was Friday and I didn't want to start on something that would be left along side the other unfinished projects.
 I was kind of moping around the shop like an Ogre looking for food, and I spotted a length of chain.
I remember my cousins used to have these chain link candle holders, and I remember being intrigued by them. As a kid, I couldn't comprehend how they made a chain stand up like that.
 For all of you who weld chains into something, I'm sure you'll agree that it's pretty awkward to work with.
 In the shop, there is another chain suspended from the ceiling with a hook on the end of it. I hung my length of chain from it, and let gravity do it's work by keeping it straight as I tacked each link.
 At one point, Marcus walked in the back and said "Whoa! you're going full on Hellraiser, eh?"
I disassembled an old and very ugly lamp to get some lamp guts so I could mock this up and see how it looked once it was illuminated.
 I could have stayed and tweaked things here and there, but I had to pick my son up from school.
You see, it was Friday, and I had ordered a "pea shooter toy" from Plants vs. Zombies for him, and today was the big day for him.
 If you ever want to torture a 4 year old, just order something for him that has to be mailed.
At the end of the week it was win-win for my son and I.
 He learned everything there is to know about the postal service and got his prize for executing patience, and I made a lamp.
 Later that night, after devouring a Pizza,  Max and I were sitting on the couch, one hand tucked under the waist band of our pants, like a couple of frat boys, and Max says "I REALLY like your lamp DaDa...AND my Peashooter" and I said "awh thanks man...I really like...YOU."

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