Monday, April 28, 2014


I guess I'm showing my age by making a "Happy Days" reference in the title, but I wear the lines on my face as a badge of honor.
 Chairs are overlooked by the average person. Nobody puts a lot of stock in them. We pull one up, plop our fat asses in em', do what we're gonna do, and proceed with our lives without giving them much thought.
 When you make furniture, a chair build is almost a right of passage.
They're not easy to build. There are a lot of factors and a lot of math that go into building them, but when you complete one, you feel like you have arrived within your own skills.
The other night my niece said to me " I like your chair. Can you sit in it? It looks so...delicate."
 The answer to that question was "Of course you can sit on it, I wouldn't make something that you couldn't use."
 By her asking that question, it solidified the design. It's SUPPOSED to look delicate, it's supposed to demand a thought. You're supposed to look at it and think twice about dump truckin' your ass into it.
 Once you've made friends with this chair, you'd be more then welcome to sit in it. It's your friend, it will support you and give you comfort. So essentially I didn't just "make a chair", I cultivated a friendship between a human and a inanimate object.
  I could go on about the how's and why's of this piece, but I think you all get it.
Lately, I've been getting more comments on and more emails.
 To me, success isn't measured in dollars, it's measured by the affect that you have on people.
This is an invite to everyone to leave comments, or post pictures of things YOU create on my facebook page.
 When people leave kind words or send photos of things they make, it's motivation for me. It means people understand you, people want to SHARE with you. In this day and age, that actually means something.
 Sometimes putting yourself out there can propel you past what you think you're capable of. Shit, I'm living proof.
 Over the weekend, I lost an acquaintance, and the world lost an artist, a mother lost a son and so on.
In thinking about the passing of Brooks Blair Golden, I couldn't stop thinking about how much work he had in front of him. He was a "producer", meaning that he was constantly creating. He was always pushing forward, and in his passing, there will be a lot of beauty that won't come to fruition from his hands.
 It is my goal to steal from death as death has stolen from me. What that means is, I'm going to create. I'm going keep moving forward. I'm going to exit this life one day, and what I leave behind will last for generations. When I leave this earth my son will find me in what I've created, and in doing that, he will never be without me...and you should do the same...leave something behind, something beautiful.
 So, outta respect for Brooks, I'm gonna sign off in the manner in which he would...

Be golden.

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