Monday, May 12, 2014


A couple of weeks ago, I was having a  rough one.
 I'm a creature of habit and my schedule was all out of whack. I was able to make it in to Salvage One after a client showed up an hour late for a early morning appointment. That shit drives me crazy and kinda set the tone for where my day was about to go.
 When I got to the shop, I was already feeling pretty crusty and basically spent a few hours wasting material and making a mess.
 I was talking with Collin and he had showed me a picture of a table he wanted for his new house.
He's a Mid Century Modern guy, and I'm a rustic industrial guy, but you gotta be versatile in anything you do. You have to be able to switch styles at any given moment.
 There was a piece of Walnut plywood in my basement that has been sitting there for 2 years, so my idea was to miter a box, have it open at both ends, make some hairpin legs, and save my friend $350.
 Well, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions".
The wood was pretty warped, so the miters weren't tight. What should have taken an hour, took 3 hours and still wasn't what I needed it to be.
 I don't give up on anything, and I don't waste material or time. I was determined to make something out of this fucked up wood.
 If you've ever seen a big touring band, their gear is always packed up in flight cases. A flight case is a container that's designed to get thrown into semi trucks and planes and built to withstand a serious beating.
 While I knew this would end up on the floor for sale as opposed to Collins new house, I still kept him in mind. You see, he's in a band called VALO, and with him being in a band, I was trying to tie this whole little project together.
 What it comes down to is that it's the first Mid Century Modern flight case side table.
The moral of the story is...When life chucks a turd at you, paint that turd pink and tie a bow on it!
 I could have easily thrown the box in the garbage and moved on to something else, but I stayed with it, I rode it out to the very end.
 As a result of sticking it out, I ended up with a cute side table and I also learned a thing or two.
In life, we're too quick to ditch the things that we feel "aren't working out", relationships, jobs, friends, ideas, hopes, dreams, and whatever. There's a time to fight and a time to run, and for me, takes a LOT to get me running.

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