Monday, June 23, 2014


Sometimes after coming off of a bigger build, it feels good to go small.
 I have always had an affection for smaller functional accent pieces. Not because I can knock em' out quickly and revel in instant gratification, but because these little accents can change a room.
 I also like the idea of small affordable items that are easy to ship.
When I walked into the shop, Collin had been working on a live edge shelf and these two cut offs were laying by the saw. They're live edge, slightly spalted pieces of Hickory. Whoever cut the slab, did so with a chainsaw. These pieces have the chainsaw marks which give these little pieces so much character.
Usually, you chuck those cut offs in the garbage, but I'm like the American Indians after a hunt, I use every piece of a kill.
 The mason jar wall sconce is now lighting up my living room. I back stitched the cord through the wood. On the back, I routered a channel so the cord sits inside the wood and mortised in a steel cover plate.
 These lighting pieces are available for sale on a "made to order" bases. If anyone wants to order them, you can email me. I will then email you back with 3 photos of wood slabs and you pick the one you want, The same goes for the railroad spike wall hooks.
 I thought about producing a shit load, and ship whatever I grab, but that's kinda bogus. I'd rather people be involved in the process and find comfort in knowing that something was made specifically for YOU.
 I like to keep it personal around here. Hand made goods shouldn't just be about a product, it should be a relationship, a cooperation, it should be an experience between a craftsman and a client.
 If you want to be treated like a order number, you should buy some garbage off of AMAZON.COM
When I first started getting paid for my work, I knew that no matter what I did, I wanted to keep the price reasonable and the experience...personal. Even if I got to the point where I was getting flooded with orders, people would just have to wait until I got to their request
 Most business people would hedge their bets on my failure. The one factor that they would never wrap their brains around is the "I don't give a fuck factor"
 I don't need a lot. I'm not greedy. In my head, I'm as wealthy as I need to be. Good health, great family, awesome friends is what I have, and those things determine my wealth.
 Money? Of course I need it, but I don't need 3 cars, a giant house, a bunch of bullshit that becomes worthless the minute it leaves the store.
 I need enough to keep my family safe and happy, and I truly believe that my current business plan can satisfy that.
 Why on earth would I want to keep up with the Jones's or the Kardashians? I don't even KNOW those people. If the only way that someone can define themselves, is by the things they own, well, those aren't the people that I can surround myself with.
 I'll know that I have arrived when I'm spending 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, in the shop.
Until then, I'll just keep hammering away.

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