Thursday, June 12, 2014


There is nothing better then owning something that was made specifically for you.
 When I'm at work, I'm either wearing a tool belt or an apron. With those contraptions strapped to my body, it's very difficult to get into my pants pockets.
 I needed something, like a external pocket to hold my personal stuff when I'm out on a job or in the shop.
I reached out to Johnny Reynolds from
 I had reviewed a wallet made from reclaimed fire hose, which is my everyday wallet, a few months ago.
Since that review, me and Johnny have formed somewhat of a "penpal-esque" friendship, so he was my natural choice for taking on this project.
 Having something custom made can go one of two can give a shit load of details and specifications to formulate your request, or you can give someone a general idea and put faith in their artistry.
 I chose option B. I've seen his work, I know what he's capable of, I put my trust in his hand. I gave a very general idea of what I was looking for, and my only concern was that it be "manly".
 I didn't need bells and whistles, what I needed is function and durability.
What I got exceeded my expectations. I got a piece of top grain, hand dyed leather, with adjustable straps in the back, and a hand tooled "B" logo slammed on the front.
 Here's the great thing about the design. If I'm wearing a tool belt, i can move it to my back (kind of like where a rock climber has a chalk bag), and if I'm wearing an apron, it sits on my side like in the photo.
 I find myself using it as my wallet when I'm not at work, because it's more comfortable then having a bulky wallet in your back pocket, especially if I'm going to be driving for a extended period of time.
 There are a lot of guys doing leather work out there. I've had some pieces from some of the best like Gaboratory, Bill Wall, Chrome Hearts, and Ron Bryant, and I can honestly say that j10customs can stand side by side with any of those guys, and in fact, his quality trumps one of them...hands down.
 I like to explore, I like to try new things out, I like to see what people are making with their hands, but I have to say, when it comes to my leather work, I'm gonna stick with j10customs. The communication, the price, the quality, the artistry, the dedication to craft...why would I go elsewhere?
 Check him out at, and go have something made for yourself, or pick up one of his stock'll be glad ya did.

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