Monday, June 2, 2014


I'm calling this one the "Low Tide Earth Board" coffee table.
 It sits a little lower then your average coffee table, and the base reminded me of a little wave rolling ashore. "Earth Board", because it has the shape of a primitive surf board, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't float, so it would be best served on land.
 The only reason that I could come up with such a title is because I got a chance to go old school with this one.
 We were coming up on a 3 day weekend so I decided to take it home and finish it up like the old days. Old days is referring to a time, not so long ago, when I used to make furniture outside of my kitchen.
 Back then, I would spend hours drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, staring at my work in various stages of completion.
 Most people would think that building furniture in a situation like that would suck, and trust me, there were moments that it sucked, but you learned how to make shit happen with little to nothing.
 I appreciate learning to do things the hard way, because now, in a shop situation, I operate much more efficient.
 This particular piece for me was a exploration in joinery. I did a lot of things that I've never done before, and I now know how to do those things better.
 I've wrote about fear before. I've talked about it's crippling effects, and I can honestly say that I no longer have fear issues. I'm not afraid to fuck something up.
 I recently quit smoking, and it's a lot like quitting fear.
When you quit smoking you go through some physical stuff, but mostly it's mental. Breaking long habits and conquering excuses.
 Fear is the same way, minus the physical effects. When you quit fear, you take control of all that is you. You push past barriers that you've set upon yourself. You learn about you. You learn to take control of yourself as opposed to being controlled.
 It's really fuckin' liberating, on both accounts (not smoking, and fear)
My favorite pieces have always been the ones that I've learned something from. Not only would I end up with a piece that I was proud of, but I was able to take a new skill or perspective and then be able to apply it in future projects.
 Trust me when I say that there's no greater high then being fluid in your skills. In order to be fluid you have to make a lot of mistakes and ruin a lot of shit. Keep in mind, they're just "mistakes" and not "intentions". Why beat yourself up over mistakes? If your making mistakes, it's a good sign because that means you're TRYING, you're operating outside of the box that you built yourself into.
 I do not think that I'm the Dali Lama, but I spend a lot of time thinking about the how's and why's of my actions and their results. Hopefully my obsessive compulsive self exploration can save someone else a lot of time and frustration.
 Our parents have always told us "LEARN from MY mistakes"....Well, I ain't your  mommy, and what I'm telling you is to learn from your own mistakes.

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