Sunday, July 20, 2014


When we were kids, we lived near a park. There was a fairly large group of us that all hung out.
 I spent a good part of my youth with these people, and we were a pretty tight knit group in a "Goonies" or "Stand by me" sort of way.
 Life comes and goes and people move on, but there were a couple of people who ended up falling in love and getting married from our little gang, (insert...AWHHHHHH here)
 Tina and John got married, and have stayed that way for quite a few years. Tina contacted me on Facebook after I posted the last lamp, and stated that she wanted it.
 That lamp has moved on, so I said that I would make her one.
When you have a history like we do, you have to respect that history and do something beyond some shit that you just knocked out to satisfy a creative itch.
 So, whatever I had cookin' got put on the back burner, and I decided to dive into a more personal project.
I have been doing a lot of carving/shaping of wood at work lately. Mirror brackets, stair railing ends, and what not. It's messy and laborious and I don't have a firm grip on the art of it, but I was going to take a crack at carving a lamp base.
 My goal was to have it look like an old school Chicago street light.
The street light just took me back to my youth because when they came on, you would have to go home and AT LEAST check in just so your parents knew you were still alive.
 I carved and shaped some hard ass Hickory. The top looked exactly like the street light would, the base...was giving me trouble, but I kept at it.
 During my lunch break I was kind of mocking it up when Randy (my co-worker) came into the shop.
Randy is a very talented guy and I trust his opinion, so I throw the ol' "whaddya think??" at him, and Randy says "it's pretty looks like E.T".
 Randy was 100% looked like fucking E.T.
I managed to carve E.T. out of a block of Hickory, which is great, if you're trying to make a E.T. statue.
 I have zero ego. Sometimes you need new eyes and a honest mouth to let you know that no matter how much work you put into something, you may have missed your a few thousand yards.
 So guess what? E.T. went the fuck home.
I started over.
 The heart was made from a cut off from a locker door that my other co-worker (Zack) used to make a garbage can in the bathroom we're working on.
 The heart idea was taken from a sculpture that is mounted to a barn door that I see at work every morning.
The leather accent and the wire mesh...those are just an attempt at doing something a little more whimsical.
 I want to expand on the materials I use and figure out a way to apply them with a refined appeal.
On Saturday afternoon, the couple stopped by to pick up their lamp.
 The lamp itself, in those moments, became very secondary as we sat and bullshitted for the next couple of hours.
 20 plus years have passed by since we all hung out, and those 20 plus years didn't matter one bit. It was the same as it was when we were children.
 I can sell a piece to any schnook with a wallet. When you sell a piece to a lifelong friend, and see the joy in their heart, and you can walk through life knowing that a piece of you lives with, THAT is a good feeling.

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