Monday, July 14, 2014


I went to the shop on Saturday to work on this lamp and the entire adventure was like roller skating uphill.
 First was the rain...not just an average rain, but a "build an Ark" down pour. It usually takes me 10 minutes to get to the shop, but that turned into 45 minutes because the streets were flooded at the over passes.
 I was still about 10 minutes early and when I pulled up, the street was thick with black smoke because a factory one street over was on fire.
 When I get into the metal shop, there is water pouring down from the ceiling, everything is soaked, so I spend a little time getting buckets to catch the water and cleaning up.
 Now I'm ready to work...and I couldn't hold on to a tool to save my life. I mean, I have never dropped so much shit in my life.
 Knock over a box of drill bits, grinders falling out of my hands, the piece itself spent more time on the floor then in my hands. In my first 10 minutes of working I literally stopped and thought "what the fuck is going on here?"
 I took a minute to compose myself and started again...only to grind through the knuckle of my glove and remove a little skin, accidentally welding a piece to the work table, then tripping over a bucket i used to catch the rain water and cleaning up that whole mess.
 Honestly, it was non stop. I had to chuckle to myself because it was like The 3 Stooges (minus 2) trying to build a lamp.
 The mishaps kept coming and at no point did I ever get a firm grasp, but some how I got the piece done.
I'm like a "cat lady", but with lamps.
 If I could keep every single lamp, I would. I've actually dumb downed my collection, because we don't have the room or the need or enough outlets to house the lamps I've made.
Truth be told, for all the work I put into lamps, and all the lamps I've sold...they don't bring in a lot of money.
 I'd rather keep em'. I'd love to have a wall of shelving that displayed every lamp I made.
One of the reasons I'd collect all my own lamps is because every single lamp is made from pieces of other projects. It's like finding a 2 for 1 sale.
 When I'm all old and pooping my adult diaper in a La-Z-Boy, I could look at my wall of lamps and correlate each lamp and it's origins.
 This lamp in particular is made from cut offs from a project I'm working on at the Lacuna Arts building.
We're doing a womens bathroom/bridal suite for their event space. It's not just any ol' bathroom remodel.
 It's glass walls held up by giant timbers, poured concrete counter tops, crazy hand formed sinks, hand carved wood mirror's really something amazing.
 I'm lucky to be working with 3 creative younger guys and a designer who seems more focused on opening our minds and making us be creative beyond what we think creative is supposed to be.
 It's a great departure for me because I'm so used to working completely alone.
Needless to say, I didn't take the lamp home. I brought it to the front of the store, fired it up, snapped a few pictures and walked away.
 I'm ok with walking away. I need another lamp like I need another tattoo.
The lamps have become my experiment in sculpture as well as buffer pieces in between bigger projects.
The bigger project I'm working on now is a solid Hickory beam breakfast table." Breakfast table" just sounds more pleasant then "400lb. table".
 There's a lot of shaping, mortising, surfacing, and lifting going on with this project, so it's gonna take some time. In the meanwhile, there's more cut-off's so there will be more lamps.

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