Monday, July 7, 2014


While the world was nestled in their comfy beds, I was "reclaiming" some really cool timbers.
 It's been a long time since I've been on a reclamation mission, but there is a reason behind my sudden adventure.
 I started a new 9 to 5 gig last week.
I was really conflicted about taking it on. My schedule was something that took a long time to establish. I was able to build more, furniture was selling pretty well, I felt that BRECLAIMED was starting to gain some momentum, but 2 things happened.
1. I was starting to feel stagnant. I wasn't feeling as excited about pieces as I used to.
2. I'm no dummy. I understand how furniture sales work. It's a constant feast or famine situation.
 When you live in Chicago, and you are involved in the trades, here is an equation that you can bet the farm on...
 An opportunity arose for me where I would be in a position to do what I do, but on a larger scale, with creative freedom, and working around creative people. It's an environment where you are not asked to "think outside the box", you're asked to take "the box" and turn it into a amusement park.
 So what's the problem?
The problem is a 40 hour work week, and then trying to keep my machine rolling.
 I was forced by my own words from my last blog entry..."change your outlook and you can change the outcome".
 So now, the approach to my work and how I execute it has to change.
I no longer have the ability to walk into the shop blindly. Everything has to be thought out, materials have to be in place, a course of action has to be made, and then all that's left is execution.
 It's all just a exercise in time management, and I think that my work will benefit from it.
Since the big change in my schedule, I already have 3 projects in motion. I haven't had 3 projects in my head at the same time in over a year.
 I have relocated my hunger. Losing that hunger is some scary shit, just ask any artist.
It's not even that I lost my hunger, it's that what i was doing became easy and convenient. It's like getting way too comfortable in a relationship. Like, where you start taking a dump with the door open, and stop shaving, and or showering. Behavior like that can murder a relationship. You gotta stay on point and keep it fresh, otherwise it can very easily all go to hell.
 The same rules apply when you're creating. Stay on point and keep it fresh.
In closing, the pieces will come a little bit slower, but they'll definitely be seen as a evolution of my hand. There's no rush to bang out pieces, but the pieces that come forth will be some bad ass shit, I promise you that, and I ALWAYS keep my promises.

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