Monday, August 4, 2014


I had mentioned that I started a new 9 to 5 about a month ago.
 The job is located 10 minutes from my home, at a building that takes up an entire city block.
It's a building that houses artists, musicians, small business's, and hosts events.
What we do, is build out spaces using as much found material as possible.
 Dream job for a guy like me.
There is a designer who implements the concept, then sends us off running, and then there is the owner...Joe.
 I've worked at a lot of places, and for the most part, there is a thick line drawn in the sand between blue collar muscle and owners.
 Not here.
Joe gets dirty.
 Not because he has to, because he wants to.
Quick story....I worked for a guy a long time ago who started a car wash in Miami.
 He lived in a 10 million dollar house and drove a Bentley.
For the first 3 months he worked at the car wash...WASHING CARS.
In those 3 months, he learned everything there is to know about washing cars. He also learned how to make his employees more comfortable (which reduces employee turn over) and how to be more efficient (so they didn't have to work so hard).
 He also gained the respect from his workers, because they know that he isn't above scrubbing someones tires.
 What does that mean for his business? Zero theft and zero employee turn over.
Cute story Brian...what's up with the lamp?
 I made this lamp for Joe as a gift.
He's moving into a new place and it's a sign of appreciation. Joe could buy 50 of these lamps cash money and his pocket wouldn't throw up in itself like mine would.
 Although I embrace the "fuck you-pay me" mentality, there's a time to give, and there's people deserving of your hand.
 It's not a tactic, it's a sign of appreciation.
I've never felt obligated to give.
 The ones that I give to are usually the ones that have shown me a respect above and beyond the norm of human nature.
 Johnny Reynolds of j10Customs, Zack Meyers of ZACEUSA (wait till I do my handmade review from this guy!), Collin, Marcus, Linda, Randy, Fred One, Phil Cisco of Maximum Tattoo, Rome, The Music Exchange, TeTe', Juno, and now Joe...Those are all people who have earned a Breclaimed door prize for their exercise in humanity.
 For me, an act of kindness never goes unnoticed or unrewarded.
Kindness and respect hold more value to me then the dollar ever will.
 There's a lot of people who aren't interested in my Buddah-ish tirades, and for you guys...It's a lamp. Wood and steel and wire and sockets and glass and tungsten, all blended together, by hand, with heart and soul sprinkled on top.
 For everyone else...share your heart, share your hand, share your art, with those deserving.

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