Monday, August 11, 2014


People have been joining wood for table tops the same way for the last couple of hundred years.
 I would follow in the footsteps myself, but my situations dictate differently.
I don't have a jointer. I have access to one, but it's a huge pain in the ass to get to it. We have one at work too, but I don't have the time at work to change the blade as well as raise them. I could have planed the edges by hand, then glued the 2 pieces up like everyone else, but any ol' schnuck can do that.
 I used this same method on the "HARDWOOD FLOOR DESTROYER" table, only this time I used thicker steel on the bottom.
 The way it works is like this...
1.Bend 1/2" steel round stock
2.Mark your holes in your piece
3.Drill your holes
4.Chisel holes from the inside towards each other to receive your bend
5.Drill holes in 1/4" thick steel flat stock
6.Feed round stock through the holes
7.Secure steel bar to the bottom of your piece
8.Tack weld round bar to flat bar
9.Cut off excess round bar
10.Complete weld
11.Grind flat
 Fuck...Gluing it up doesn't seem like such a bad idea after all.
There's a guy in Chicago that has been getting some press lately. He takes old suitcases and puts speakers in them. He may be a nice guy or he may be a jerk off, I don't know him, but in every article he's boo-hooing that people have stole his idea.
 Ok...I've never seen the product, and I had no idea there was a market for suitcase speakers, but if there is...dude should be happy people replicated it. It's a compliment.
 I just effectively changed the way wood can be joined, and then told you exactly how to do it.
Fucking run with it.
 No one will most likely do a write up on me, and if they did, the last thing I'm gonna do is complain that someone took my idea.
 What good is an idea if you're the only one that applies it?
Did the guy who made glue complain that everyone was using his idea to join things together?
 I seriously think not.
Just because I haven't seen someone join wood like this, doesn't mean somebody hasn't done it before.
 For me, this method isn't a signature. It's effective, and gives a cool aesthetic, and I could only hope that someone applies it.
 The next time that I use this method, it will be to such an extreme that no one in their right mind would want to replicate it.
And when that happens, you just move on to the next one.
 Always forward...never backwards.
Next week, I'm heading out on vacation, a much overdue vacation.
 We're going with my brother-in-law and his family. Our boys are the same age, and that age is the age where mom and dad are kinda boring to them, so now they can hang out together and have the time of their young lives. Me...I'm gonna stare at trees and water as much as possible.
 A long weekend in the country is always good for dreaming up new ideas, as well as quieting the mind.
Ya'll take care now, ya hear.

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