Monday, August 25, 2014


This project had been started about a month ago.
 What is in the works is a solid industrial grade Hickory breakfast table.
This material is fighting me, and usually when that happens, the best results evolve.
 It's very heavy and very dense which makes it very difficult to work with. I had cut all the pieces for the base a few weeks back, and started mortising all my joints yesterday. It was super hot and humid in the shop so I felt like I had a saw dust sweater on after mortising the first base.
 When I was getting ready to work on the second set of legs, i realized that I forgot 2 pieces.
I was kind of bummed out, because I was on a roll, but I'm way beyond crying over spilled milk.
 This particular table is the type of table that I had envisioned in my dream house. A small breakfast table nestled in the kitchen underneath a window that showcases a mountain view. A table where great coffee is served while dreams are discussed and plans for the future are concocted.
 This will be a heartbreaker for me to put up for sale.
I made a mistake while making the base. I made it exactly 1" too wide.
 I LOVE mistakes.
That mistake forced me to come up with a very cleaver way to rectify the situation for the top.
 I'm not going to reveal my solution, you'll notice it when it's complete.
I'm taking my time with this piece. Once or twice a year I make something that stands out. Something that defines my place within my craft.
 While I usually knock stuff out pretty quickly, this is one that is gonna take some time, and you're all welcome to follow me on the journey.
 In the world of social media marketing, it's important, actually crucial to give your viewers constant content.
This project isn't going to allow that, and I'm ok with that.
 I'll do my best to keep things interesting along the way, but y'all are gonna have to bear with me.
As summer is winding down, the little dude is back in school, my girl is about to embark on a couple of new ventures, and we are possibly going to move the family into a bigger living space, I don't feel so guilty about slowing down my production pace.
 Life only happens once, so I have to be in the moment during all the changes.
Being in control of your life means that YOU dictate how shit goes down, and how you capitalize on each situation. In my case, the speed of my production goes down while life happens, but the quality goes up.
 What you all have to understand is that I'm a workaholic,and every moment that I'm not creating something tangible, is torture. But I'm learning...and aging....and that's not a bad combo.
 I've discovered that when you pay attention to everything that's going on in the now, you can benefit from it in the later.

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