Monday, September 22, 2014


We've all seen these kind of coffee tables a million times before.
 The reason we've seen them so much is because they're cool, they just are, period.
They're like jeans...everyone owns a pair of jeans. Why does everyone own a pair of jeans? Because they're cool...always have been, always will be.
 This cart was at my work, and I had asked my boss if I could buy it. He told me to take it because he said he knew I would do something amazing to it. With that being said, there are 2 reasons that I'm taking my time with it.
1. If someone is confident in my ability to make a broken cart "amazing", then "amaze" I shall do.
2. It's for MY home.
 I haven't had a coffee table for almost 5 years. We didn't have the space, and we had a baby. I read an article that children most frequently injure themselves on coffee tables because they're the perfect height for splitting their heads open on, But now, my baby is creeping up on 5 years old, so I think I'm outta the weeds...or with this table, I'm heading into the weeds.
 These carts are on wheels, and if I think that my pride and joy is not going to attempt to surf this mother fucker across the living room, well, then I'm more delusional then I thought.
 As a father it is my job to crush as many of my childs dangerous dreams as possible. There was a moment while working on this table that I said "HAH-HAH..not so fast little guy". You see, I figured out a way to keep this piece as a coffee table as opposed to a means of transportation for my son.
 I put legs on it. Simple, effective, and a cool aesthetic. The legs keep the wheels just barely off the floor, which prevents my floors from getting damaged as well as prevents my son from getting damaged.
 I used the posts (as seen in the first photo) for the legs. I also had to replace all the wood for the top.
The cart had some original stamping, so I had to be very careful as to not sand it off.
 Right now, I'm working on removing the rust from the wheels, then I'll move on to a final sand, then a hand rubbed oil finish.
 As we get ready to move to a new place, the candle is being burnt at both ends in terms of working, working on the new place, and working on new furniture for the new place.
 Our home will be a work in progress for the next few months. I feel that, if your home is right, then you're right.
 It's a large space in an old building, and it needs a ton of work. Since gutting it wasn't really an option, my goal is to transform it's "oldness" into "coolness".
 Luckily, for the past couple of months I have worked with a designer at my 9 to 5 that has mastered the art of turning old into cool, so hopefully I've learned a thing or two.
 Ill keep posting progress on the coffee table, and I might do some home improvement posts if I find them interesting enough.
 Hopefully I can get back to making pieces that will be for sale in the next couple of weeks, much furniture as I make for our home, at the end of the day, momma doesn't like cheap, and to be honest, neither do I.

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