Monday, October 27, 2014


I remember a long time ago, when I first started making stuff, there was a point when I couldn't find any material.
 There wasn't a shortage of material, it's just that I refused to buy material.
I had finished doing a remodel job, and there was a bunch of new 1X4's and other material left, so I took it home.
 I played around with aging the new wood. Burning, staining, paint, water, basically I used whatever I had in a liquid form to give this new wood, that old wood appeal.
 I made a couple crates from this self aged wood and they housed DVD's and coloring books for the last 5 years.
 Once we moved to our new space, I had a few pieces that weren't gonna make it, and these crates were on the chopping block.
 I decided to put em' on legs.
I didn't want to do hairpin legs because I'm sick to death of them. I have a ton of 1" round stock steel, so I figured I'd play with it.
 I had to make a jig, actually, I made 4 jigs to hold the steel in place. Its rolls around, and trying to line up the angles on each end would be a disaster, so I dedicated way too much time on these round stock legs.
 The second crate, I used square stock and saved about 3 hours.
The round leg crate went on the floor for sale, and the square leg crate made it's way back home with me.
  Even though there isn't any real "wow" factor in these crates on legs, for me, it boils down to knowledge and experience.
 You see, now I know exactly what it takes to age wood, and I know what it takes to make legs from round stock steel. I can carry that knowledge with me and apply it if the situations ever arise where those applications are an option or a request.
 Making these pieces has always been a journey. Mistakes are always welcomed when I build because that is how you learn. If I wasn't learning from the things that I make, then really, what's the point?
 It wasn't until my late 30's that I discovered, if you can admit to yourself that you don't know shit, then you've opened yourself up to discover that you can LEARN everything.
 That's why when you meet people in their 20's, you ask yourself, "how does one survive by being so fucking dumb?" Forgive them, because they're too busy convincing themselves that they know everything.
 Lately at my 9 to 5, we've been working with a lot of glass. Before then, I can honestly say that I have never allocated one second to thinking about glass. In any situation where the application of glass came up, well...I'd call a "glass guy".Now that I'm in a position where we use it all the time, I want to know everything about it. How it's made, the different types, how to work with it, how to modify it.
 The point I'm trying to make is...Know your shit.
Once you "know your shit", you're unstoppable. Who can tell you differently when you know your shit?
 The first step have to WANT to know. Most people find comfort in ignorance.
Charles Bukowski once said.."don't TRY...DO. (trying is for losers)". Those words always pass through me when I'm about to embark on something I haven't done before.
 Think about it, do you want someone to TRY to get you your check, or TRY to install your cable, or TRY to fix your leaky roof?
 Fuck that...don't TRY motherfucker...DO.

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