Monday, November 3, 2014


Whenever I'm feeling like I'm in a creative slump...a new lamp lights the way.
 It's not even a "creative slump" that I was feeling, it's just that I haven't had the time to really sit with any interesting materials.
 Last week I was searching for some steel at work when I saw this star peeking out of a toppled box,
It was guiding me like the north star to a ships captain. When I pulled the rest of it out of that box, it was like discovering gold.
 I'm assuming it was a piece from Texaco, I'm assuming it had something to do with gas, and I'm assuming it was super old.
 I'm not a digger, or a historian on Americana, but I know when I see something like this and within 10 seconds I've already configured it into a piece, well...that to me IS gold.
 Based on the fact that I will not come across a piece of industrial Americana history like this again, this one has entered the private collection (at least until I come across another one or something better, or I need emergency surgery).
 Not only is it important to me based on it's uniqueness, it has a time stamp. It came to me when change in my life has been abundant. A time when new living situations, new friends, and new prospects have entered my life.
 Those moments don't have a price tag.
Do I NEED another lamp? We all know the answer to that, but what I may need, one day, is a reminder of when life was cruel but good, hard but fulfilling, and each day gave way to the prospect of a better future.
 I can click it on, and the light passing through the star will light the way for me, kind of like "memory insurance".
 When a piece has a story, it's hard to tie a price tag to it. It's a part of you. Just as I made IT...IT made me.
 To most people, it would just be a cool lamp, and to be honest, I saw a cool lamp at Target the other day.

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