Monday, November 24, 2014


This weekend I spent my Saturday cutting, grinding, welding, drilling, and hammering.
 When I'm making something for a friend, the vibe is completely different. You see, I KNOW where it's going when it's done, so the work I put into a piece is effortless.
 These hooks are going to my friend Zach Meyers.
Zach is about to launch his website on Thanksgiving.
 Let me give you some background on this man...
Zach is a farmer, a father, and he makes the baddest workwear you could ever put on.
 To call his clothing "workwear" is like calling my work "furniture". It's more then that.
We became friends from me simply ordering a pair of overalls a few months back.
 I thought I would just place an order, and they'd just ship them out, but it wasn't like that at all.
After I sent an email inquiring about how to order, Zach sent me his phone number, which I thought was kinda weird.
 I called, we talked for about an hour, 5 minutes of the conversation was spent on sizing, the other 55 minutes was us talking about what we do, what we make, being fathers, our ethic, our dedication to our craft, etc. It was crazy. I just wanted some overalls, and I ended up with a friend.
 He's launching his website on Thanksgiving.
I had made him some of these railroad spike hooks a few months ago, so that he could give them away to the first 10 people who ordered a pair of his overalls when his site launches.
 I can't tell you how much stuff he's sent me, and when he said he'd like some of those spikes for his home, well, say no more.
 Most people who know me, or read this know my affection for handmade goods.
I try to promote those people who are really chasing their dream as much as possible.
 All of Zachs stuff is made in Ohio on vintage sewing machines. Zach has employed and trained 5 Amish families to sew his pieces.
 Most people don't give a shit how their clothing is made or where it's made.
I'm here to tell should care.
 When you buy from people like zaceusa, you're feeding families, not fueling some CEO's Ferrari, and you're definitely not keeping the China/USA trade machine chugging along.
 I've always preached through this blog about supporting those that are making their dreams happen, but also look at what your support does for a local community.
 In terms of the quality and style of the clothing, I can tell you will not find better quality in a pair of jeans Period. The quality is so high that I guarantee his denim. I don't even know how to thread a needle and I personally guarantee another mans work. Let's say you order a pair of jeans from zaceusa, and something happens...crotch blows out, seams come unraveled, they spontaneously combust, if zaceusa doesn't make it right...I will.
 When launches on Thanksgiving day, just check it out. You really have to see it with your own eyes.
 For me personally, it's not about clothes, it's about community.
What I mean by that is that there's a growing network of craftsman who all make different things, and we all support each other anyway we can. It's a movement...a real tangible movement, and I'm honored to be a part of it.
J10customs, Lion and Anvil, zaceusa, Kooth brand, Entimos coffee, breclaimed...we're just a bunch of guys trying to make a better life for our families, by doing what we love.
  Check out all these guys, google em'. Maybe they make something for you maybe they don't, but be aware of whats available to you.

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