Monday, November 17, 2014


Most people hate their job.
 I am not one of those people.
A few months ago I took a chance and made a job change. The change wasn't really in "what" I was doing, but more of  "where" I was gonna do it.
 Day one of my new job and I meet Zack and Randy. I have a few years on them, and these 2 are a very tight knit team. So tight that at their regular lunch spot it says "Zack/Randy" on their receipt.
 I've never been the type to walk on a job and start the "friend making" process, I just kinda walk on, do my thing, and bounce.
 There was a short warming up process, and the length of that process usually depends on how much of a shit head you are or aren't.
 Fairly quickly I proved my worth, and 2 became 3.
For the last few months we've done some amazing stuff, and not a day goes by where laughter (sometimes uncontrollable laughter) isn't a factor in our daily routine.
 I've worked with a lot of individuals over the years, but I've never worked with 2 people that have mastered the "make it work" philosophy.
 These are 2 pieces that have come from their vision and been executed in a collaborative fashion.
Randy comes from a concrete family from the east coast, and hence the concrete tops on both these pieces.
 Zacks background is deeply rooted in cars.
I don't know shit about cars, but what I have learned is that those with a mechanical background approach building differently, and we definitely do things differently around here.
I have a lot of respect for these 2 guys because in this line of work, there are a lot of guys who see it as a job, and then there's those of us who view it as a way of life.
 When they're not at work, they're off building post apocalyptic style motorcycles, while I'm off building furniture.
 Another factor that contributes to an unstoppable team, is the fact that there are no egos.
When situations arise, and ideas are thrown into the hat, the best idea wins. No feelings get hurt because every one of us has had an idea that has either been shit on or accepted, and we roll with it, because trying to facilitate a bad idea takes too much time.
 The only downside to this 9 to 5 environment, is that by the time the weekend rolls around, and it's time for me to do my own thing...I'm spent.
 Not creatively spent, physically spent.
I really wanted to get some work done this weekend, but I had to get new tires, it was my dads birthday, we had an electrician coming to the house, laundry, grocery shopping, kid from schools birthday party that we totally missed because I couldn't be around 20 plus 4 year olds on a Sunday.
 It used to drive me crazy when I wouldn't make it in to the shop because "life" was stealing time from me. It's a little easier to swallow now because my job provides me an outlet to fill that void.
  So, I will post photos of these pieces when they're completed (clear coat, LED lighting, etc) at
 I remember a long time ago, there was this old timer. He kinda looked like a current Willie Nelson.
He was hand mortising these $1500 lock sets on a job we were doing and he was doing it with the precision of a brain surgeon.
 I had come back from lunch and I was telling him that his work was really amazing, and he said "son, if you do the same thing every day for 52 fuckin better be good at it."
I said "wow, 52 must've seen it all." and he said "nah son, I ain't seen nothin...yet"
 There have been moments while I'm working on something and I'll think of that old man, and I'll mutter "YOU ain't seen nothing yet...son."

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