Monday, December 8, 2014


Looks like a tree stump, right?
Well, I can honestly say that tree stump furniture isn't really my thing. I've seen a lot of really cool stuff, but it's never really been the style that I am personally into, which is EXACTLY why I embarked (get it, em-BARKed?) on a stump project.
 I mean fuck it, step out of your comfort zone once in awhile and see what's out there.
It wasn't so much stepping out of my comfort zone as it was stepping into an uncomfortable zone.
 For's heavy and awkward, but I'm no stranger to heavy and awkward, so it's more of a complaint point. Second is the de-barking. The process was a 0.0 on the fun meter, but the fruits of the labor were delicious.
 The fun part was going into all the cracks and valley's with a scoop chisel, and really giving accent to all the contours of the wood.
 Once she was all cleaned up, I had to come up with a base.
The base was going to be tricky because at the end of the day....someone chopped down a tree. Have you ever chopped down a tree? It's not a pretty process. One side was a clean cut, and the other side was an abortion. I don't own a mill saw, so I had to work with the ugly as opposed to fixing the ugly.
 My brain loves these situations. When these situations arise, my brain releases all those fun chemicals, and to be quite honest...I get high.
 That's one of the wonderful self discoveries that my craft has taught me.
I made straight steel legs for the back, and where the wood jutted out 2" on the bottom, I was going to make smaller legs pitched at a 15 degree angle therefore leveling the top and no one being any the wiser of the front leg height difference
 Not really the equivalent of discovering the "god particle", but I found happiness in my solution.
I welded up the back legs, and wouldn't you know it...I ran out of welding wire.
 I didn't have time to run to the store because I had a family day planned, and running to the store is murderous to momentum, so I mocked up the front legs with wood.
 So now when I go back to the shop with a fresh spool of wire...all my measurements are done, and I can cut, weld and finish.
 I fully understand that stump furniture isn't everyones cup of tea. This piece isn't about a stump, it's about the beauty of getting lost in something outside the parameters that we set upon ourselves.
 How will you ever know what you're capable of if you don't leave your mental couch?
In these blog posts, I only show you what I want you to see. I have made so many ugly, unfunctional, and just plain awful pieces in order to get to the good. It has to work that way. I embrace the failure.
 Failure equals learning, learning equals knowing, knowing equals application, and proper application will usually lead you to success.
 The barrier rests on failure. Most people can't get past the failure, because we're designed or conditioned to not accept defeat.
 What I'm telling you to do is OWN your failures and use them, make them work for you.
Remember this...feel free to hide your failures. No one says that you have to show the world how bad you fucked up. File em' away, learn from them and use them to your advantage the next time around.
 The only reason I decided to go on about failures is because there was a split second that I was actually intimidated by a fucking tree stump. Once I recognized that feeling of intimidation or fear of failure, THAT'S when that tree stump became my bitch. 

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