Monday, December 22, 2014


When people get in their 40's, what can you really BUY them for Christmas???
 I get asked what I want for Christmas at least a hundred times per season, and I find myself just making up shit to appease said gift givers.
 Everyday is Christmas for me. I see something I want...I get it, or at least work towards getting it until I get to the point that if I have to work that hard to get it, then I don't really need it.
 When it came time to get something for my sister, I went into panic mode.
My sister is straight. Beautiful house, 2 amazing sons, her and her husband have great jobs, so what could I possibly BUY her?
My sister hosts all the dysfunctional family gatherings.
 Thanksgiving 2014, I'm sitting in her kitchen as she is preparing to feed the herd. She basically rips a shelf off a wall to lay on top of her sink, so that she has added counter space.
 I'm watching this go down in amazement was effective. It wasn't pretty, but it was effective.
 I decided to make her a sink spanning shelf. One with a dedicated purpose and appeal.
Never in a lifetime would I think that something so simple would take so much work.
 Find a slab, work it into a usable condition, make the feet, 7 coats of Danish oil, let that dry for 3 days, apply spar urethane finish.....FUCK, at that point I'm thinking I should have gotten them some bullshit bluetooth speakers or something.
 It's done. It came from my hand. It was made with love and consideration.
Love and consideration....That is how you get a gift for someone.
 Nobody or at least a very few can wrap their brain around my obsession for vintage workwear and denim. I don't expect anyone to get it, or gift things of that nature to me. It's the "TRY" that makes a gift priceless to me.
 A couple Christmas's ago, my sister-in-law gifted me drill bits and a Carhartt sweatshirt. I've never cracked open the drill bit set, and I've worn that Carhartt sweatshirt just about every working day since I got it.
 I have more drill bits then Home Depot and more Carhartt then Carhartt, but she bought me a gift based on what she knew of who I am, and THAT is what made the gift special to me.
 At this stage in my life, it's not about the material, it's about the meaning.
That's my lecture in gift giving 101.
 Next up is what I'm calling the "GERTRUDE" desk.
We built an advertising agency called Gertrude, and the owner commissioned me to make 2 desks.
 The only reason I took on the commission, is because I can do whatever the fuck I want.
The only stipulation is the desk top size. I'm cool with that because it has to be a specific size to accommodate their existing desk top layout.
 Here's where gift giving comes back into play...The owner gave me and my coworkers (Zack and Randy) a bottle of Knob Creek Whiskey and sent us off to a steak dinner as a Christmas gift.
 He didn't HAVE to do that. I don't drink, but it's the "love and consideration" that he put into his gifts to us, that is not only going to earn him a couple of desks, it's going to be two pieces of art.
 Kindness goes a long way in my book. Sometimes an act of kindness is a gift itself.
An act of kindness says "I stopped all the distractions of my life to take YOU into CONSIDERATION."
 I really hope everyone that actually reads my posts has a wonderful Christmas.
I have always loved Christmas and even more so now that I have a son, and I can be a part of his excitement and joy.
 Take care, get fat, and I'll be back in the New Year with more tales of the obvious!  

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