Monday, January 12, 2015


Like a vulture to roadkill, I've been picking away at the "Gertrude" desk.
 Slowly but surely it's all coming together.
I wanted to make this desk a piece where there is always something to look at and always a new detail to discover.
 Anywhere two pieces of wood come together on this desk is a hand made, hand bent steel gusset.There's a hook hidden beneath the top for hanging a computer bag or whatever it is one would want to hang. I even went as far as making my own bolts for mounting the top.
 The top is actually pretty interesting itself. I joined a bunch of standard Home Depot 2X8's for the desk top, then I painted the top with enamel safety red, sanded and distressed it with 50 grit, stained it with ebony stain, sanded that with 80 grit, watered down the red enamel and ragged that on, sanded that with 220 grit, ragged on walnut danish oil over that and sanded that while it was still wet with 220 grit, and in 3 days, after the oil has cured, I'll apply an oil based polyurethane.
 Have you ever ordered something online and it's kinda pricey, and when it arrives you're disappointed with what you got for how much you paid? I have, and it's a really sucky feeling.
 When someone buys something from me, I want them to feel good about writing that check.
I want them to feel as if they have to write the check to secure the piece as soon as possible out of fear that I might change my mind at any given moment and decide to keep the piece.
 I'm a weapon.
I'm a weapon because when it comes to my craft, I'm not money motivated.
 If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times..."fuck your money".
What a customer need not know, but will know, because I just put it on the interweb, is that with or without their commission, I would have built something anyway. That's what I do. I make shit all the time. I make shit for no reason or purpose other then satisfying my urge to create.
 Some asshole could come up to me and say "I'll pay you $1000 to make me a chair", well, that's real nice and all but I could go whack in a hardwood floor for $1500, barely do any math, bang it out in a day, without thinking about what is i'm doing, then go home,buy my kid some Legos, get my girl a handbag, buy myself some shit I don't need and still be financially better off.
 Love what you do and you're a military grade weapon of mass destruction.
You can buy a piece, but you can't buy passion.
 Over the last year or so, most of the things I buy are from a hand made source. I buy these things because I have an addiction to quality and craftsmanship. There are certain things that you can just tell are infused with a passion and pure love of craft. I mean, you can honestly tell that someone really gave a fuck. That's priceless to me.
 In my work I try to convey that same message. I CARE about what comes from my hand and goes into yours.
 Even the railroad spike hooks...I could honestly make them in my sleep, but each one stands on it's own, they're simple, but they're from my hand, and they're right.
 My point is...if money is your only motivator...hang it up and go watch TV.
People like me, we pay for heart, and my customers...they pay for heart too.
 It's money well spent.

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