Monday, January 19, 2015


Saturday morning I had planned on knocking out my ugly work.
 By "ugly work" I mean filling orders.
It's not creative work, and to be honest, I obsess when I have orders to fill.
 "I should wash my truck...(but I have hooks to make)", "I have to do laundry...(but I have hooks to make)", "Max wants to go see Paddington Bear...(but I have hooks to make)", and the voice in my head doesn't shut up until I go make the fucking hooks.
 So at 6:30am on Saturday, I quieted the voices.
I can't get into Salvage One until 9am, and I had to pick up some tools from my shop there, so it all worked out like a ballet of time management, because by time I had finished all the hooks and drove over to Salvage One, it was 9:01.
 On the way there I had dropped my phone in the truck, and somehow physics got bent inside the cab of my vehicle. I had to retrieve my phone from the back of the cab and in order to do that I had to pull out a years worth of tools and hardware being chucked in the back seat. In my "unearthing" I had uncovered this rusty hay trolley that my guy Zack had picked up for me when he went home for Thanksgiving.
 I always liked those hay trolleys, and the only thing I've ever seen made from them are light fixtures.
It has lived in the back of my truck for this long because I didn't want to make a light fixture out of it. It's been done and done well over and over, so where is the fun in making something that has been done a million times.
 I brought it in to Salvage One just for the sake of getting it out of my truck, but when I plopped it on the table, I felt obligated to start fucking with it.
I started by taking a wire brush and just knocking off the loose rust, then I started rocking it back and forth and thought I would weld a track for it to make it stable, then I tack welded the wheels to the track so it wouldn't slide back and forth. Before I knew it, I was in full blown work mode.
 So now it's on it's way to being a small bench or side table.
Things work out like that sometimes, and usually the end result is  pretty bad ass.
 It's freestyle creativity. I mean a bench or a side table sound pretty boring, but it's all about how you got there.
 The key to this willie-nillie building is knowing when to walk away from it. You can revel in what your brain farted out, but you have to know when to let it marinate so you can build off of the proverbial initial fart.
 I was just grateful that a day that was dedicated to ugly work also made way for a chance to get loose.
 At the end of it all, I still had time to take Max and his best friend Sofia to go see the Paddington Bear movie.
 It's days like this past Saturday that I lay in bed and kinda look back on my life, and through all the fumblings of what  life chucks at us, and 42 years of it, I've finally either figured out, or have become aware of where my happiness lives.

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