Monday, February 9, 2015


A lot of times, through blogs and social media, people get the impression that you are living a dream. The truth is, I'm kind of living a dream.
 The photos here are of projects that I've worked on during a regular work schedule.
The opportunity to do the type of work was provided to me by a man named Joe Cacciatore, who owns Lacuna artist lofts in Chicago.
 It took a lot of life navigating to end up where I am.
I've framed houses, renovated hotels all over the country, worked for just about every shady contractor in Chicago, been a hardwood floor installer, been a cabinet installer, worked as a waiter, worked at fucking KINKO's, delivered newspapers, worked as a bouncer, worked for a handyman service, I even worked as the guy who shuts your cable off when you don't pay your bill.
 My point is, I don't just sit in a hip-cool shop and re purpose materials into furniture. I work. When I'm not working...I'm still working.
 I could most likely do a KICKSTARTER, raise a shit load of cash, and maybe open a store/shop, and then post all kinds of photos of my wonderful life.
 I have all the makings for a successful KICKSTARTER, 2200 "LIKES" on Facebook, a blog with 20000 views, I provide unique products, I mean, we're talkin' KICKSTARTER gold right here.
 That just ain't me.
I can't knock those that do (as much as that would make for good reading material).
 Everyones situations are different. I know some people who have done a KICKSTARTER and they're good hardworking people doing good things, and that's the route they chose and it accelerated their business, Good for them and god bless.
 Me...if I take money from someone, I feel like I OWE them. I don't wanna OWE anybody anything, and I sure as hell can't walk around with feeling like I owe somebody...I'd be a mess.
 I do shit the hard way, because I'll never lose.
I have a great family, amazing friends, 42 years of knowledge, and ya know what...I'll always survive.
 I'll always have my son to kick it with and eat pancakes for dinner, I'll always have my friends, the ones who have known me since I was a booger eatin' punk, and the new ones who are in the same boat as me, I'll have my girl who will always listen and lift me up when I feel beaten down, I'll have my dysfunctional family who's love never flickers.
 I started making furniture outside of my kitchen with barely any tools, I found my passion, and I don't really feel the need to ask people to fund my dreams, I'll fund my own fuckin dreams.
 No matter if I succeed or fail, I want to be part of a shrinking exclusive club of people who take full responsibility for their lives.
 My KICKSTARTER model is this....put your head down and grind, day in and day out.. Fail often, failures are lessons that are going to make you more efficient. Last but not least...Love and be positive. If you love your work and those around you, and you keep your mind in a positive state, it will show in your work.
 I don't build for acceptance or accolades, I build because my mind has finally started listening to my heart.

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  1. Right On Brian! Couldn't agree more. You really have a kick ass insight & are unique and talented. Thanks for inspiring and for sharing Brother!