Monday, February 2, 2015

I'M A FRAUD.....

I'm a fraud if I attempt to take credit for this.
 As much as I love how this came out, the beauty of it all comes from the hay trolley base.
The hay trolley base was made in a foundry some 80 years ago by the type of men that I aspire to be.
 I mean THEY did all the hard work. I'm just some shithead from the future that built off what THEY  created.
At some point during the build this piece stopped being a bench or a table, and became a piece of art.
 Sometimes I make furniture and sometimes I make art, but the definition is always dictated by those who are looking at it.
 I'm not a welder, but I weld, I'm definitely a carpenter, but not a cabinet maker, I write, but I'm not a writer,an artist...maybe, but that's a subjective title.
 There's a secret beauty in this piece. That secret beauty is...this piece made me ask myself "what am I?" Unfortunately, I still don't know, but what I do know is that I don't require a title to define me.
 I had someone ask me what type of wood the top is. The answer is...I don't know.
When I was bringing the piece to the shop, I walked past a chunk of wood covered in vines (yes VINES) and crusty mud. I sat the trolley on the work bench and grabbed that slab of wood. Before I even touched the hay trolley, I cleaned the wood.
 After I had mocked up the whole piece, I had a week to think about if I was even going to use that nasty wood for a top. The way I see it is...that wood chose that base, I didn't choose it.
 One of the things that I like to do with nasty old wood is channel out the rot. What that means is that I dig out the soft rotten wood and leave all these valleys. It creates these natural movements in wood as you can see in the edges on the photo.
 Bring the flaws to the front....that is what separates my work from some Restoration Hardware store bought pieces.
 Their stuff is perfect. Perfect has it's place. My stuff...a little more hardcore.
I mean, do you want your GUCCI from GUCCI, or maybe you're ok with a bootleg from Chinatown.
 Some stuff looks "old and rustic", but my stuff IS "old and rustic".
I kinda hate to see this one go, but I really got a lot out of it in terms of perception and execution. It makes it a little easier to sell a piece that I really like when I'm able to take some knowledge and understanding from a piece.
 CHING-CHING to those foundry workers, dead and gone, but you guys did some beautiful work, it was an honor to elaborate on what you created.

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