Monday, March 2, 2015


Ever since I started making things, I've always wanted to make a stool.
 It's hard for me to believe that it's taken me this long to finally get around to making one...or two.
There was a time a couple of years ago that I really needed a shop stool, but ended up finding a really cool tractor seat one that I bought because the math was right.
 Last week at work was hectic but kinda mundane, so when Friday came around, I needed to take a day where I just create something.
 We're going to designate a creative day at work because in the end, everybody wins.
Clients get better work, our souls feel better, and it all around puts your head in a better place. Every work place should designate a creative day, then Suzy would get a chance to finally "bedazzle" the water cooler and maybe accounts payable will finally get their shit together.
 This stool was inspired by my guy Zack. The other day I stood there and watched him standing over a barrel top as he wood burned an intricate logo on to it....for hours. It looked awkward and uncomfortable and it would've been a much more pleasurable experience had he been able to SIT down with it.
 For this stool I had to disassemble a few useless steel structures that were laying around just taking up space. Once I had some good straight stock....I winged it. No idea, no concept, just work with the garbage around you and see how shiny you can polish a turd.
 I went with a 3 leg design solely because I planned on making 2 stools and I wouldn't have enough stock if I was going to follow that wacky 4 leg concept that all the kids are raving about.
 Once I got the legs cut and welded up, I placed the seat to discover that I fucked up. I had welded the legs so that the long point of the 15 degree angle pointed out instead of forward.
 As I stood in front of this mistake, screaming "FUCK" at it, (which never seems to  help things along, but does make you feel a little better) Zack quietly walks over, completely wordless, and slides the seat round all the way to the back of the leg structure as opposed to center, and then levitates away from the piece like some kind of Jedi.
 Brilliant. Crisis adverted.
I burned in a "B" and we went to lunch.
 When we got back, I cut up some more steel to make a stool for Zack.
Now, after lunch at our shop is a weird time.
 It seems like after lunch is when all the other trades working in the building come down to our haven and attempt to bestow THEIR  problems upon us, or tenants come down to toss ideas, or people come just to vent.
 The other day this lady walks in to the shop and says the hood of her car was stuck and she needed a jump. It was one of those days that it was 10 below out and I figured she was a tenant which translates to potential customer, so I figured I get some karmic brownie points and give her a hand.
 I followed her outside to the parking lot and we're walking when she explains her car is across the the free clinic. How did she wander from there to our shop? I do not know, but to add insult to injury she had asked if Zack was my son! I know I'm old but not THAT old! I'm thinking "lady, you're about to address your car hood problem by your damn self". That's like asking a fat lady in an elevator when she's due.
 Anyway....back to the second stool....while I'm welding the legs for Zacks stool, this giant Romanian guy who is working in the building is standing over my shoulder. Now I'm paranoid about this guy going blind, and I'm sure he's just interested in welding, but in my head I'm screaming "get the fuck away from me". It gets to the point where he's physically knocking into me and I gotta finally say "bro, come on now" and he slithers off.
Upon assembly of Zacks stool, I discover that the front leg is a little off. Not off to where it's not functional, but off to where I notice it and it will eat away at my brain until I correct it.
 I'm going to bring on guest bloggers.
I'd like to do it once a month  or whenever I can convince someone to write something.
 They'll be people related to the art of hand crafting, and it will be a good way for my readers to discover new artists or old ones that they just didn't know about.
 First up is going to be Keith from a company called Lion and Anvil who make hand crafted leather goods.
 I'm all about sharing the love and really building a community of craftsman. People who work hard and have something beautiful to offer. I'd really like to see a day when the Artisan takes back the market place. A day when people will understand that they're better than mass produced garbage.
 As Christophe from Mister Freedom says "pay more and own less".

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