Monday, March 16, 2015


Thanks Keith from lion and Anvil for the kind words. Next up on the guest blogger docket is going to be Zack Meyers from Zaceusa ( It was very difficult to obtain Mr. Meyers. I sent him a text and asked if he would like to be a guest blogger and within 30 long seconds, he replied "SURE!"
 For now, I am back with this little gem.
Marcus from Salvage one has titled this piece a "station table" which I thought was brilliant.
 What I had in mind when I was building it was a "leather makers table".
Marcus's title opened it up to a much larger market, while my title limits it to the 3 leather makers that I know, none of  whom are in the market for purchasing a "leather makers table".
 I like the idea of a non leather maker purchasing this table and using it for anything other than it's intended use. When it's in my hands, it's one thing and when it moves to your hand, it's another.
 While I imagined someone sitting at this table, finger tips numb, hand stitching a piece of leather with heavy waxed thread, someone else sees a hostess standing behind it asking "do you have a reservation? What's the last name?".
 The other day, someone had plopped down a catalog of some furniture company on our desk at work. As i was eating my peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I was thumbing through it. I had the same feeling flipping through that catalog as I do when I see those commercials for some organization that wants you to adopt a dog. You know the ones where they show all those sad faced dogs in cages, and you struggle to find the remote control to change the channel so you don't have to see that last dog, you know, the abused beagle with one eye.
 People have said that my furniture is expensive, and after looking through that catalog, I can easily deny those accusations.
 $795 for a gold tree stump. Aside from all their furniture being utterly soulless and equally overpriced, I found that gold tree stump offensive. It was as if they were mocking the consumer.
 Here's where I'm going with this...I no longer have a 9 to 5 and then build my pieces on lunch breaks and weekends. I no longer get a pay check, i have to create a pay check.
 After 3 years of doing things that way, the gods have smiled upon me and with the help of Zack Knowles, THIS is what I do to keep the lights on.
 Breclaimed is still just me and my one off pieces, but there are now 50 plus hours a week allocated to building bad ass shit for the masses.
 It's kind of crazy how it all worked out, but it's working out and that's all that matters.
No more framing walls or fixing broken shit. Our work is dedicated to creative pieces and creating cool environments.
 Zack and myself were equally worried if we would be able to sustain, but everyday someone is coming in our shop and asking for 3 of these or 10 of those or 50 of these....shit is crazy.
 This blog will now include some of those builds as well as my one off pieces.
Will my one off pieces suffer due to this life change? I don't know.
 I doubt it. You can't halt passion. I can't halt the urge to do better. The only uncontrollable factor in this equation is time, but luckily I'm a pro at time management.
 So all of you who read this blog, hop in the car cause we're going for a ride. I'm not sure where we're going but we'll find out when we get there...together.

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