Monday, March 30, 2015


I did something that I've never done before.
 I went and looked back on all my old blog posts.
I've never done that before because the point of my blog had always been to just unload my brain of all the junk that was on my mind.
 Write it, publish it, move along and don't look back.
I looked back for no particular reason, but in looking back, I discovered 2 things about myself.
1. I can be a real potty mouthed asshole
2. All the lamps that I've made eerily signify some kind of transition in my life.
 A first year therapist would cum in their pants for the chance to dig around in my skull to place a meaning behind this pattern.
 There is transition in my life at this moment, but there was a thought behind this lamp that wasn't intentionally related to my current life changes.
 I had been feeling very structured and methodical in my craft lately, and I just wanted to let my hands go out and dance.
 I basically just grabbed a chunk of wood, and then scoured through scrap steel in the shop, and see what would transpire.
 It wasn't about design or lighting. It was about getting off the reservation.
It's funny because customers will ask how much a particular kind of wood will cost, and I look at them, scratching my head because I rarely purchase material.
 For the most part, everything I build with is found, given, or acquired.
I'm not some crazy environmentalist bent on saving the planet one coffee table at a time, it's just so happened to work out like this for me.
 The lamp is in our bedroom now.
Flat Stanley books will be read to my son by it's glow, it will wrap it's light around my family on cold winter nights, it will witness love making, and fighting, and tears. It will hear the speak of people with hopes and dreams, it will know the future plans for our son, and it will speak not a word of these events to any living soul.
 I post on Mondays because Mondays fucking suck...for most.
For me Monday is a new beginning, and religion holds the deed on Sundays.
 Mondays are when I go back into the trenches, when I'm given expectations and the opportunity to crush those expectations.
 Change your perspective and your life will follow suit.
Lamps, tables, chairs...who gives a fuck? They're just things.
 It's never about what I make. It's how I get there. It's what I learn, it's what I feel, it's who I am and what I'm becoming.
 My true hope for mankind is that one day people will stop going through the motions of life and just fucking do something.
 Stop bitching, stop complaining, stop fighting each other over nonsense and create.
Your dreams don't belong in your head, and Mondays aren't a death sentence.

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