Monday, March 23, 2015

PROMISE KEEPERS (not the wacky religious cult)

We were contracted to knock out 3 desks for a client.
 The client came to the shop to discuss the payment terms. In that conversation, we also had been asked to give a timeline for completion...all standard procedure.
 The client came in on a Tuesday morning, and I told the client that his pieces would be ready by the following Monday. If any of you have ever had anything custom made, you know that you're looking at 4 to 6 weeks no matter what, in this case, I gave a 4 working day timeline.
 My timeline was given the ol' stank eye complete with raised eyebrows and a short speech on how, if I say it's gonna be done by Monday, it better be done by Monday.
 At first I was kind of offended, and the old me would have gone on a tirade like an old lady at the deli who's turkey wasn't cut thin enough, but the new me just kind of smirked, and let the man "school" me on ethics. I get it. He doesn't KNOW me, I have to give him a pass for that, because let's be honest...most people are full of shit.
 Truth be told, I've never had to make 3 desks, but I do know how long it takes me to make one desk, so the equation that I used to calculate this customers timeline goes something like this...
1 desk build plus 2 =3, then we bring a second craftsman into the equation and our sum of 3 becomes 1.5, then I take that 1.5 and add .5 for incidentals which puts me up to 2 of which I subtract 50% to accommodate for the bad ass motherfuckers  quotient. To sum it all up so no one has to bust out their abacus...I can build 3 desks in the time it takes to build one.
 When we were discussing how all this would go down, we informed the client that we would need a deposit in order to commence. The client stated that his assistant would bring a check that afternoon to which I replied that I would purchase the material in the meantime because I had a deadline to meet.
 I purchased the material and the deposit came a day late.
We met (in fact we crushed) the Monday deadline, and ya know what....a week later and the desks are still sitting in the shop.
 My point word is pure fucking gold.
My son has made damn sure that I always honor my word. If I tell that boy something is going down, he will hold me to it with every ounce of his being.
 We can all learn a lot from 5 year olds.
I put zero stock in anyones word with the hope that I'll be pleasantly surprised,
 It's really a sad state of affairs. I mean do we really have to walk through life assuming that everyone is full of shit? Yes we do. Unless you're a huge fan of being constantly disappointed.
 You could honestly suck at absolutely everything, but if you only keep your word, then you're at least one up on 90% of the population.
 I have suffered from not telling people what they want to hear.
If Levis's called me today and said they needed 1000 denim hangers by May 1st. I would say "impossible" and they would walk. I would never agree to something knowing that I would fail.
 The moral of the story is, if you are going to expect others to keep their word, you damn sure better be able to keep yours.

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