Monday, April 6, 2015


Some weeks are just a tornado of creative energy.
 I don't know if it's a full moon thing or what, but sometimes things in life just happen so fluidly that when it comes time to reflect upon the past week and write about it, even I'm kind of taken aback.
 We managed to complete a giant timber stair project for a lobby entrance, complete with mortised steel and timber stairs, a fire door landing, steel railings inset with glass, faux beam accents, and sheet metal cladding (pictures will be posted once we're able to get a good shot). My buddy had brought back a copper top bar cart that I did a couple of years ago, and I got a chance to re work a couple of things on that, like adding a towel bar/handle and cleaning up the casters.
 He had intended on selling my stuff at a local street market in Chicago, but just never got around to it. In the spirit of doing the right thing, he brought it back....that's a hell of a "stand up" thing to do, because I had completely forgot about it.
 We had also been knocking out a slew of desks and conference tables which were based around a design I did for my kitchen table.
 We ran with the design because it was simple, effective, and appealing.
There's a point when assembling these pieces that they have to be inverted to work on them.
 Last Saturday me and my partner Zack Knowles had gone to the shop to wrap up a desk for a Monday delivery.
 We finished the customers desk and decided to make an extra one for the next person that walks in the shop looking for a desk.
 We got to the part where the desk is inverted, and while I'm cleaning up the shop, I notice Zack staring at the inverted table base. He was staring for an unusually long time to which I blurted out some ignorant comment like "hey, it's not gonna assemble itself".
 He kind of slithers out of the shop, and by this time it's almost noon, and i gotta cut out because my girl has to go to work and me and my son had something planned, so just as I'm about to make my escape, Zack walks in carrying a glass backboard and a big ol' smile.
 It is a really beautiful thing to witness another persons creativity. To witness the thought process and watch them become consumed by an idea.
 I've had many of those moments myself, but with no one around to witness it, so I knew where he was and I knew where he was going with all this, and that moment was perfectly timed for my exit.
 "You're not going anywhere are you?", is what I said upon my exit, and all I got was a shrug and a smile.
 What you see in the second photo is what Zack came up with.
I had my chance to add my 2 cents, and on Friday it was pretty much wrapped up.
 I was proud of him, like I would be watching my son ride a bike for the first time or wipe his own ass. Don't get me wrong, Zack has made plenty of cool shit, I just got a chance to see the thought process and see the passion to create.
 It's rare for most to FEEL that, it's extremely rare to witness someone else FEEL that.
To sum it all up, in the last week, my partner and myself managed to bang out more shit in one week then most people bang out in 4 months and we did so in a state of constant laughter.
 That's all we and laugh. I've worked my whole life to be in that situation.
Even when money is thin, or there is bizarre drama, or stress, we build and laugh.
 I have to have a tooth pulled and I was in constant pain all week, and all we did is build and laugh.
"Hey look, I'm on fire!" (build and laugh) "I spilled hot coffee in my lap!" (build and laugh) "they've owed us $8500 for 4 months!" (build and laugh) "I just broke a $75 mallet" (build and laugh).
Sometimes the universe throws you a bone, and when it does, don't be a good dog and bury it...devour it.

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