Monday, May 11, 2015


Friday night we did our first POP-UP shop.
 Apparently, POP-UP's are all the rage now.
We worked our asses off, building more inventory, and more the shop.
 We allocated a lot of time building smaller, more cash and carry type of things, like the coat rack pictured above.
 Cory from LIPPS INC. came all the way from Cincinnati to attend, and instantly became a member of the MAKERS family. He even brought us a cool light fixture made from a flame thrower.
 My buddy Jim Bigwood brought his wife and also brought me an amazing Diego Rivera piece out of a publication from the 1930's.
 My family came as well which is a really cool thing, because they got a chance to see what we build in real life as opposed to pictures on my phone. They also got to see where I spend 60 hours a week.
 Cory actually told me after the event that my son had made him feel like he's been a part of the family forever, which is why he is now considered "family". Children can read people, and obviously Cory was a good read.
 I got to meet my partner Zack's wife, which was highly overdue, as well as he got to meet the inhabitants of the commune that I call home.
 I got extremely drunk within the first 2 hours.
I'll have a beer, maybe once or twice a year, and after all the work we put in, the Irish in me took over.
 There were some heavy hitters that came through. We scored some contract work for VH1, but for the most part, our event was attended by broke hipsters who came to pilfer our free beer and whiskey.
 I have never attended a POP-UP event, nor had I ever hosted one, so I wasn't really sure what to expect.
 It's borderline painful for me to be nice to strangers for extended periods of time, so I'm not in a huge rush to get things crackin' for our NEXT POP-UP event, which is slated for...never.
 The way I see it, I'm not going to liquor up a bunch of bearded freeloaders just to shuck my wares.
I kinda had a little speech in regards to what we do and what we make and a quick synopsis of our ethic and philosophy, but the drunker I got, and the more linted pockets that came through, my speech turned into "we make cool shit, the beer's over there."
 The ratio of people who are genuinely interested in what we do and how we do it, to the people who came for free booze was slightly sickening.
 At one point, there was a hipster complimenting me on our whiskey selection as he was leaning his bed bug ridden ass on our $2000 hand fucking crafted desk. So as he's bestowing his Whiskey knowledge upon me, in my head, I'm removing all the bones of his skeleton through his fucking mouth, and smiling and nodding all the meanwhile.
 Saturday morning, as I was navigating a hangover, Zack was climbing aboard a sailboat on a cold and rainy Lake Michigan to celebrate his one year anniversary with his wife. I laid on the couch, clutching my head, thinking about how not so long ago, I was making furniture outside my kitchen window with a circular saw and a grinder, and how now, I'm in a shop, with a great partner, making cool shit on our own terms, making deals with VH1, and even hosting our own POP-UP event...not too shabby of a go at a dream...not too shabby at all.

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  1. My son is a good people reader also! ~Cory's Mom