Monday, May 4, 2015


"Follow your dreams" and "do what you love" are some very inspiring words that I like to repeat over and over again, but the words that go along with those statements should be "be prepared for disappointment" and "save your money for when times are hard" and "this will be the hardest thing you ever fucking do".
 It's gonna take a special kind of crazy to chase a dream, and if you have thin skin...say it with me now..."would you like fries with that?" Because that's the end result.
 We've had kind of a rough month.
A lot of quotes, a lot of interest, a lot of people wanting a lot of things, but not a lot of checks being cut.
 You always think you're prepared, and I'm a stubborn, the glass is half full, do or die kind of guy, but there are some days where you're like "fuck this, I'm going to go make the easy money."
 Here's the kicker....nobody and I mean NOBODY chases a dream without getting kicked in the balls (or vagina) every now and then. I can't think of one single fight that I've ever been in, where I've been kicked in the balls and not come back to win.
 All I'm saying is be prepared and weather the storm, cause the storm will come.
With all that being said, tough times can produce a lot of plan B's, and our plan B is going after a rental market.
 Our first rental piece is this Barrel table/rolling bar.
It's a little "prop-ish" for my personal taste, but as a rental's brilliant. It only has to be cool for like 4 hours at a time.
 Functional, well constructed and visually appealing. Those are the ingredients.
We had actually started on this really cool chair earlier in the week.
 It was a fun process designing it, but when it came to constructing was a little too laborious to attempt to mass produce. We walked away from it as a production piece and will complete it as a one off, but we turned our attention to something that we could complete.
 Zack has been eating his lunch on that barrel for the last 6 months.
If you go on pinterest and type in "barrel bar" you'll see some pretty boring shit.
 Nobody wants to push the boundaries, it's easier to replicate others ideas.
Not us. We'll flip the script every time.
 A barrel carries a funky shape, and it's designed to do just one thing.
We didn't want to try to make it be something it's not, but instead let it speak of what it is. It became an advertisement for what it's application represents.
 Zack and I don't discuss design for more then 5 minutes.
If one of us has an idea and they're passionate about goes into production. Someone is gonna lead and someone is gonna assist, and that's how shit gets done.
 Someone recently made a comment about our last 2 desks. They asked "who won the competition?".
Me and Zack had no idea what they were talking about, and pressed to discover that they were referring to those desks.
 There is no competition. I'm fucking 43 years old, I don't compete. I definitely don't compete with my partner. We have mastered the art of cooperation not competition.
 I was slightly offended, but that's just part of humanity. Everyone thinks life is a race or a competition.
 I wouldn't go into a cage to fight against my brother for the title of "winner", but I would go into the cage and fight WITH my brother against any opponent...any time.
 This isn't a sport.
In a sport, you have to accept the possibility of failure.
 This is business. Losing isn't an option.

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