Monday, June 8, 2015


Man, what a week!?
 Things have gotten busy, and for 2 guys to accomplish what we have this week is crazy.
Monday started off kinda slow, so we took advantage of a "creative day".
 We did a bit of brain storming in order to come up with a couple new items for the makerschicago Etsy shop.
 Brain storming isn't the right word for what happened, because we didn't really talk about anything, we just kinda started making stuff.
 The result of that freestyle build was...Zack came up with a hanging herb garden, and I came up with a leather wrapped mason jar holder.
 Although I like how mine came out, I have never in my life said "goddammit, I really could use something to hold this fuckin mason jar". So in that sense, I'm not really sure it will make it to the public.
 Zacks on the other's functional, especially if you cook. My girl is always cutting fresh herbs that have polluted our kitchen window sill, and in the spirit of actually being able to SEE through our window without a view obstructed by the Basil and Rosemary jungle, Zacks hanging herb garden would free up some space.
 Once we finished up our little creative project, a check was dropped off for a 60ft. patio enclosure, so we wasted no time getting ready for that ride.
 We gathered up the steel and the cutting/grinding symphony was performed.
The next morning was a weld-a-thon. While Zack was in the shop welding the plates to the posts, I was upstairs at the patio welding the supports to the posts and setting them as Zack would bring them up.
 We welded for 9 hours straight...non-stop. 2 welders burning at the same time.
"Safety first" is not in our vocabulary. That being said, we both suffered "weld burn" all over our faces and arms, so the next morning we both looked like we had fallen asleep on the beach in Costa Rica, but at the expense of our flesh...all the posts were fabricated and set.
 The next morning we set the glass...200lbs each. Tempered glass basketball backboards. You can clearly see in the photo that they're backboards, right? For some reason, every single person that walked by while we were installing them would ask "are those backboards?"
 It's hard to be polite when your flesh got burned off your face and your pressing 200lb. glass and people want you to confirm the fucking obvious.
 That afternoon, the patio was complete and we moved right on to a conference table build.
There's nothing I enjoy more than being in the shop.
 Music blaring, coffee brewing, lots of laughing and bullshitting, and shit gets done in a very harmonious fashion. I've said it before, but the way Zack and I work...there's no delegating, things just get done. We're both very aware of what needs to be done, and we're both aware of what the other person is doing, so there is no need to bark out orders to each other.
 If you can find someone that you can work with like that, you better hold on to that.
I spent the better part of my career working alone, because when I was in a team situation, there was always conflict. I wanna correct myself because there was one crew I worked on that was amazing, but when that project was over, everyone went their own way.
 Happy-happy-joy-joy...wanna hear something fucked up?
We got an order for some hooks. Immediately we packaged them up and sent them off.
Friday morning I get a text from Zack telling me the customer got his order...the box was empty.
 Our wonderful postal service decided that a heavy package headed to Beverly Hills was worth opening and removing our product, and then proceeded to deliver an empty fucking box.
 I couldn't get to work fast enough. I was so embarrassed by the postal services thievery.
I made the customer brand spanking new railroad spike hooks and we shipped them off within hours of  receiving his notification of the situation.
 You can say whatever you want about what we make, but I'll promise you this...our customer service will always be our back bone.
 Our service reflects our pride, and you won't find 2 prouder bastards than us.

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