Monday, June 15, 2015


My friends Johnney and Erica run a custom leather shop called J10 customs.
 Besides the leather work, Johnney is an iron worker and he has been on the road for a little bit, and in the meantime, Erica has been running the leather business and taking care of the family.
 Erica had recently posted something on Facebook which prompted me to invite her to be a guest blogger.
If I was ever in a bar fight, I would definitely feel more secure with Erica having my back.
 When I invite a guest blogger, there are no guidelines, no editing, no nothing. The people I invite are welcome to say what they want and how they want to say it.
 Check out

Blog/Blogging...what is it?? Bitching and logging it??? A Bitch Log? Well I'm good at that!!
I'm know it's not all that all the time, I've read Brian's blogs and they are very insightful and inspirational. Now, I don't think I'll be inspiring anyone today, but hopefully I get some heads shaking "YES!! Exactly!!"
Here we's my "B" log...
Why do some women have to try and prove something!!?? Eh gad! Why do you have to saturate everything in pink?? We know your a chick on your "hog" because you ride like a jackass...we know your a chick in your overly jacked up truck because you drive like a jackass!  Men ride and drive like jackasses too, but their not wearing a "I'm a boy" sticker on their face!  Oh and nice pink "concealed"'s fucking bright pink! That shit is NOT concealed!  Why the need to "tell" everyone you're a chick??? Pink Browning sticker on your douche' truck that you don't drive over 30 that shit like you stole it!  I can hammer shit like a dude, drive anything, shoot whatever you want me too, but I don't have to express that I'm a chick doing it!!  I sent a friend a picture of what I was making that day and I sent "fucking man shit!" along with it. Her response was, "no, that is girl shit too! work your leather magic!" I cut leather that is as thick as concrete by hand (it's not, but it feels like it!), I hammer and cut copper rivets, using an old railroad track as my foundation. All the while, singing in my head, "I've been working on the railroad"...the clank is so loud I should probably be wearing ear plugs, but that shits for do all kinds of man shit because my Man is on the road doing REAL man shit! I do it because I have to and because I love it!
I work hard at what we do (Johnney and I), but I don't feel the need to put pink and glitter on it just to show everyone a woman did it.  I get that some women feel they don't get treated the same as a man...well hello ladies, we are not the same as men!!  We're emotional wrecks! Crying and bitching all the time and logging it! LOL!  We gossip and whine...some men do too ha!  We are not physically the same (although some dudes look like a lady & ladies look like dudes).  There are things I just can't do, physically.  I can't carry a dresser that I refinished into the house, it shall remain in the garage until a "man" can come help me.  Now I know there's ALOT of women out there that are legit (no pink, just badass!) I know you personally!!
 My point is, just do what you love to do without having to "girlie" stank it up. Be you! Stop trying to do man shit and put a bow on it.  If your badass, just be badass!  When you ride, just ride and when you take your helmet off and your long hair flows out in slow motion like in a movie and all the dudes jaws drop, THAT'S when everyone knows your a woman!!
And stop wearing that fucking blingy shit!
Alright, gotta go put some makeup on so I look pretty!

Mrs. J10

Ericka Reynolds

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