Monday, June 29, 2015


It's been pretty busy for us these past couple of weeks.
 I managed to squeeze in a little project to test my skills.
We had a bunch of steel cut offs piled up under the band saw, and I uncovered a piece of old growth lumber. The lumber wasn't a significant find, it was one length of  beautifully aged 2X8. There was just barely enough to make a small table top, so that was my starting point.
 I wanted to make a funky little base for it in order to take away from the fact that it was going to be such a small piece.
 There was barely enough steel to eek out the base, but at the end of the day I feel as if I had made do from "doo-doo", and THAT was the point...take a bunch of shit and make something.
 The next piece is a Whiskey sample crate that was created for a photo shoot by a client who is launching a new whiskey brand.
 I actually kind of fell in love with this crate and didn't really wanna let it go. I love crates of all kinds. I don't know what to put in them or where to put them, but that's all secondary. They all seem to tell a story, and they define their age really well, the older the better, and the ones with cool markings...forget about it.
 We spent a large chunk of time on a timber stair project with glass walls and steel railings. I tried to get photos, but they all suck. There isn't a good angle to get it all in a photo. You'll just have to take my word on the fact that the project came out really well.
 It seems like the more difficult or involved a job is, the more fun we have.
Some jobs are solely for the money, and those tend to be the jobs where me and Zack are at our funniest. It's a constant blend of laughing and building.
 I was telling Zack how I wanted to get my son a skateboard for a few weeks, and the other weekend I had showed up at the shop and Zack had put together a skateboard deck for my little dude.
 He just did it out of the blue.
To my son, it's a skateboard, and he's super in to it. To meant a lot more.
 There are a few people who have gone above and beyond for me...Keith from Lion and Anvil, Luke from Mildblend Supply, Christophe Loiron from Mister Freedom, Zack Meyers from ZaceUSA. I have a hard time accepting acts of kindness. I'm grateful, but I always feel as if I owe something in return. When someone goes above and beyond for my son....fuck, I'm almost stunted. I'll send gifts of gratitude to those who have extended their hand to me, but when someone extends their kindness to my son, I feel forever indebted.
 Kindness....just when I think that society has completely lost it's fucking mind, an act (or acts) of kindness renew my faith in mankind.
 No matter how large or small an act of heart felt kindness is, it has the ability to change ones perspective as well as uplift a soul who witness's the ugliness of humanity on a daily basis. By "ugliness of humanity" I am referring to the average assholes we all encounter everyday.
The selfishness of mankind is enough to make you wanna crawl in a cave and only come out when dinner is ready.
 I think it's a sad fact that we just expect people to screw us on a daily basis, it's become the norm, and we're calloused to it.
 So, let that lady with her one bag of cat food hop in front of you in the grocery line, let that guy parallel park on a main street without laying on your horn, hold the door for the lady holding 2 kids at the mall...when you see someone struggling, at the very least, offer help. You'll change a life as well as your own.

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