Monday, June 22, 2015


A couple weeks ago, Zack left for Bonaroo.
 Thursday morning when I got to the shop, I did my usual routine of cleaning up, unlocking the job box, wrap up some extension cords, and just my average day prep things, but usually once all that stuff is done,Zack would walk in.
 Even though I was very aware that he was going out of town, I kept looking at the door. It's very strange how your mind gets so accustomed to a routine. It took me a little while to shake that routine and start actually doing something.
 A couple months ago, we were on a stool/chair building binge. Zack had started one with a hand bent steel chair arm and back piece, but the chair never got around to getting some legs. I figured there was no better time then the present to finish that one up.
 We have a 500lb. box of railroad spike cut offs. It's always bothered me that I couldn't find a use for the remainder of the spike,
 We saved them because we knew one day we'd figure out a use for them, and I put them to use on a new mason jar planter.
 Friday we had a framing job in the building, so I figured I'd knock that out as a way to get ahead of the game and basically keep busy.
 About an hour into framing, I notice this guy standing in the doorway. He's on his phone for a good 5 minutes or so, and I'm thinking he's probably going to ask about getting some work done in his space.
 Instead, he comes in and says "couldn't you have done this yesterday, or can't you do this after hours or something? We work upstairs and we can hear everything!"
 Usually in these situations, I try to be diplomatic, and if someone is at least nice about it, I'll try to accommodate them, but this entitled prick came at me the wrong way.
 My response was "Bro, I'm sure you can hear everything I'm doing, because what I'm doing is construction and it tends to be loud. If my work here is upsetting to you, then you're in for a world of disappointment because what I'm building here is a DJ booth for the DJ service which is moving in this space. Seeing as they have contracted us to build them a structure for rehearsing their DJ few hours of framing should be the least of your concerns, unless your a huge fan of techno/hip hop and house music, in which case, today would be the best day of your fucking life."
 Wordless, he slithered away.
It dawned on me that this pussy stood in the doorway working up the nerve to come at me like a tough guy, which he failed miserably at. Had he walked right in, been nice about it, I more than likely would have at the very least attempted to soften the reality of my work.
 The highlight of my weekend came on Saturday.
My girl had to work Saturday night, and I had left the shop somewhat of a disaster, so I asked my 5 year old if he wanted to help me clean up the shop. He knows I have snacks stashed at the shop, so he was all over it.
 We get there and the little dude went right to work, I directed him to the snack cabinet and it appears that I had eaten all his Minion gummy snacks, so I compensated by asking him if he wanted to learn to weld. The excitement on his face was priceless.
 I propped him up on a stool at the welding table, went over the safety basics that I personally never adhere to, and spent the next 20 minutes trying to get him suited up.
 I had to rig the welding helmet to snug up on his little head, and the gloves were a little less easy to navigate around his tiny hands, but he managed to get them in a semi workable position.
 I laid the first bead and explained the movement to him. The next bead, he held the gun and I guided his hands. The next few attempts were all on his own.
 Not too shitty for a 5 year old.
We both gained so much from that.
 He walked out of the shop with a sense of self confidence that could be seen in his posture, and I walked away with a sense of pride that all fathers should feel.
 He'll probably never forget that day, and neither will I.
I'm no teacher. From time to time, we'll get someone who will offer to work for free so they can learn to build. It always puts me and Zack in an uncomfortable position, because we find no enjoyment in shitting all over someones aspirations, but we're also not in the teaching business.
 Learn the hard way.
Get hurt, break shit, lose tons of money, have your ego stomped on, set yourself on fire from time to time, pull metal shards from your eyeballs, and THEN come talk to us....and we still won't let you work with us, but it will be a much different conversation.
 Pay dues and get respect. Follow that format and everything will be A-OK.

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