Monday, June 1, 2015


 We're not personally coming to your home, but the things we make can be in your home now.
 We finally did it.
You can now actually purchase some of our smaller items.
 After a couple of years of selling to a select few, we have opened up a Etsy shop so now anyone can own a piece of us.
 These are just a few of the items that we sell on our Etsy shop.
The idea was to make smaller, affordable, and easy to ship hand crafted home decor items.
 Neither Zack nor I are very computer savy, so suffice it to say our start may be a little bumpy, but we can muscle through pretty much anything.
 Can I be completely honest?
It felt really good to put together and ship out our first couple of orders.
 It was like a weird high.
I've worked really hard over the last few years. I not only worked at getting my skills up, I worked at changing who I was personally, I worked at how I view the creative process, I worked at how I approach and manipulate materials, I've worked and conquered so many things, and now I'm able to package that journey up, and ship it off. It really feels fucking amazing.
 I don't really give a shit if we have 2 sales or 2000 sales. We created something we feel strongly about and made it happen.
 Me and Zack have endured shit that would break most peoples dreams into a million pieces. No matter what turd got thrown at us, we put our heads down and kept grinding.
 I liken our situation to 2 people running through the forest in some bad horror flick. You're running and dodging obstacles, one falls down and the other picks them up, the other one falls and gets picked back up, and this goes on and on, except in our movie, the chainsaw wielding maniac never catches up, that fucker is way behind, but we're still running with no intent of stopping.
 I get high off accomplishment.
If you think about life, accomplishment has a shelf life.
 When you're a kid, life is a speeding train of accomplishments. Your ABC'S, wiping your ass, completing levels of school, navigating relationships, mastering a hobby or interest. The accomplishments come in rapid succession. Then you reach a point where you're cool. Decent job, a house, a family, friends...shit like that, but then what? You're done. You've made it. Do you sit back and let someone else take the wheel at that point while you sip a Martini on your deck?
 I don't know, cause that ain't me.
I need to make goals and constantly smash them. That's what gets my blood pumping., and what's happening in my life at this very moment is a testament to that.
 I don't get high, I don't drink, I think.
I'm constantly thinking about my next move.
 Where am I gonna go, how am I gonna get there, what do I need to do?
Be better to do better.
 It is actually maddening to a degree.
When the day is done, the brain keeps going. There are moments when my girl will say to me "what's up, you seem like you're somewhere else" and even though I just completely built us a new my head...I just smile and say "nah, I'm cool."
 It's Monday, and I should really wrap this rant up because ya'll got shit to do. So, in closing....hop on search makerschicago (one word) and pick up some stuff to jazz yer home up. You're really getting some quality handmade goodness, and if you hold it up to any Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware, or World Market garbage that you may have purchased in the past, you'll not only see the difference, you'll feel it.
 You're not just buying wood and steel, you're gonna own a little bit of soul.

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