Monday, July 6, 2015


We had been working on a residential railing job earlier in the week.
 I have come to the conclusion that I hate leaving the shop.
It's not bad to get off the reservation every once in a while, but turning someones backyard into a metal fabrication shop kinda blows.
 We had wrapped things up out in the field on Wednesday, and I'm in the shower scrubbing mill oil off my neck when naked as a Jay bird I proclaimed "I wanna build a rolling bar tomorrow".
 I'm sure people do a lot of weird shit in the shower, I, for one, have some of my best ideas either in the shower or in motion (as in long drives).
 I didn't have much of a concept in mind, and I don't really drink, so the schematics for a bar weren't really present in my idea.
 I sent Zack a text, telling him what we were gonna build, and the next morning I got to the shop ridiculously early to start on the bar top.
 I had just enough old growth lumber to make a 4' top, so that dictated the size. Zack walked in, we said our "good mornings", he measured the top, and immediately started cutting and welding.  
 We never not once discussed design or concept, I mean, what's there to talk about?
While he was welding up the sides I finished the top and began working on the service drink rail.
 I had thought about cladding the whole thing, but it's been done a zillion times before. We had an old window in the shop that we walk past a million times a day, just for the hell of it, I measured it, and wouldn't ya was the exact size for the bar face.
 By the end of the day, it was pretty much done.
I think that after doing a job that I wasn't really "into", I desperately needed to do something that I was into. Just as an attempt to keep my universe balanced.
I like balance.
 I like the bad times, because without them, how would you know what a good time was?
I feel like I'm always trying to find the balance in days/cool nights, steak and potatoes, fun and work, shark week and more shark week, ya know?
 I remember going through a particularly rough patch and I must have been visibly distraught, because my father-in-law said to me "nothing stays bad forever".
 Those 4 words have gotten me through every "bad time" since that day.
Bad times are the way the universe tells you that it's time to step your game up.
 When people choose to bestow their woes upon me, I always think about that Asian guy from "The Hangover". "My girlfriend dumped me" -but did yo die? "I just got fired" -but did you die? "I got another parking ticket" -but did you die?
 It's funny, I'm not even going through a bad time, in fact, things are pretty good, but those bad times are always waiting around the corner. I don't look at those situations as "bad times" anymore, I see them as signs to change direction or to stop fucking around.
 Perspective is your greatest survival tool.
Here's an example...we're going camping this weekend, we're all pretty excited about it, so for the last week, I've been checking the weather every 35 seconds. As of 35 seconds ago, my phone is telling me that there's a 40% chance it's gonna rain all weekend, but my brain is telling me that there's a 60% chance that it fucking won't.

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