Monday, July 13, 2015


It seems like only once a year I'm able to squeeze in a family getaway.
 This year, we chose to take on camping.
I've been camping several times before, but this was my first time with children as opposed to the previous camping excursions that included LSD and firearms.
 We went with Laura's Niece's family, which was perfect because my son and their daughter are best friends.
 Camping, as you all know, always rides the line of potential disaster.
Weather, bugs, crazy hillbillies, bears and other dangerous wild life are always just around the corner waiting to take an epic dump on your family vacay.
 We luckily dodged all of the above.
It's funny, you don't really comprehend just how confined you and your children are when you live in a big city, until the car doors open on a campsite and the children bolt from the vehicle like a pack of Cane Corsos on a Boar hunt.
 As much as I longed to get away for a weekend, just to clear my head from work-work-work, this trip was for our kids.
 It's our job as parents to create life long memories for our kids. Good memories. Shit that they will talk about at college frat parties down the road.
 I know a lot of people are like "so went camping...we do it all the time", but for me, it's a big deal.
 It's hard for me to walk away from my work. It's what I love, so it's difficult for me to leave it.
My work is always at arms length. I can go to the shop at 4am and work on something whenever I so desire. I'm in control of my work, and I find a deranged comfort in that.
 When you go camping, you're only in control of what you bring, and the earth and the elements dictate everything else.
 It was therapeutic for me in a sense of letting go.
It was also therapeutic in watching these kids let loose.
 Dancing around a camp fire with glow sticks, running down hills (I mean FALLING down hills), looking in amazement at the stars (because they can't see the stars like that in the city). That's the shit that let's you know that as fucked up as you are, you're at the very least doing a good job as a parent.
 We had amazing food, we were comfortable, the weather cooperated for the most part, the children were in their glory, and the adults got a chance to sit and talk whilst the savages ran was GOOD, and it was needed, for everyone.
  It's exciting to go back to work with a clear head.
I was actually kind of worried that I would spend the entire weekend dwelling on the week ahead of me, but when you're so wrapped up in keeping a fire going, and keeping everyone safe, happy and comfortable...the week ahead never crossed my mind...and THAT was the point.

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