Monday, July 27, 2015


We have made a career out of turning what most would deem as "garbage", into either really cool furniture or some pretty amazing environments.
 We spend a lot of time either talking about motorcycles or looking at pictures of motorcycles at the shop. I really wanted to buy a junker and attempt to turn it into something, but never pulled the trigger.
 Zack had bought this Suzuki GS650 off of Craigslist about a year ago. It was listed for $100 but he managed to talk the guy down to $80.
 It's going to be our "shop bike".
We'll use it for photo shoots, trade shows, rolling billboard, but most importantly so me and Zack can go ride.
 The concept is to carry our work over into a motorcycle.
It's not only a functional and aesthetic concept, but it's going to push our creative and technical skills.
 There's no deadline, there's no pressure since summer is almost over anyway, it's just a chance to escape into a new world from time to time and hopefully create another piece of art.
 There's a lot to gain from taking on a project like this.
You're forced to address a whole new world of obstacles that you don't have to address when making furniture. In essence, we don't have enough everyday problems to conquer so we decided to create new and most likely more expensive problems....sounds pretty fuckin' stupid, right?
 Part of this idea came from a reoccurring theme in our conversations this week.
That subject has been "life's too short".
 It's repeated over and over and printed on t shirts and the fact remains that indeed, life is too short.
Building a motorcycle is something we both wanted to do. We could spend the next couple of years talking about it, or just go ahead and fucking hop to it, because in the's too short.
 I'd rather spend time and money at failing, then just talking about the things we want to achieve.
I know so many people with big and little dreams that do absolutely nothing.
 They create a million excuses to stay in their rut and their dreams grow old with them.
This motorcycle wasn't in the shop for more then 20 minutes before Zack was chopping the frame and I was shaping the rear fender.
 I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news, but no one is gonna give you that big break. No one is gonna save you. No one is going to give you a chance because you have a wonderful dream. Nobody actually, remotely gives a fuck about what you WANT to do.
 Take that shit. Make it happen. Don't wait for the "right moment" or some other bullshit excuse,
In order for people to take you seriously, you have to show something, because talk is cheap.
 For someone to tell me "one day, I'm gonna build a cabin in the woods", they may as well tell me that one day they're going to build a cabin on Jupiter, unless you actually show me something.
 Don't get me wrong, I have many unattainable dreams. Those kooky daydreams are the fuel for all the other stuff I want to do and that I can do, as long as I put in the effort.
 I'm not just talking about building shit, those are MY aspirations, but maybe you've always wanted to jump in a cage with Great White sharks trying to eat your face that extra shift, sell those old records, get your ass on a plane, and hop in the water you crazy motherfucker.
 Life is short, so the goal is to die happy. Leave behind great stories, great adventures, leave behind great art, great music, leave behind a life lived and not squandered.

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