Monday, August 10, 2015


The day after the finish coat was dry on the small service bar, Zack immediately began cutting the steel for a large rolling bar.
 Every last bit of this bar is reclaimed.
The steel is left over from other jobs, the face is from the demo of a bathroom stair project, the wood for the top was pulled from a dumpster, the foot rest is an old stair railing, the interior shelf is found OSHA board, and the casters were from old hospital food carts.
 LM Catering has bought the bar for their newly acquired event space called City View.
It's amazing what you can come up with if you just look around.
 We knocked out all the railroad spike hooks and printed materials that go with them for the Kooth Brand X MAKERS collab T-shirt. That project will be up on really soon.
 In between all of our stuff is the shop bike build, which I can report, is moving along nicely.
New drag bars, as shown in the first photo, railroad spike foot rests, as shown in the second photo, and the chopped rear end with hand bent seat pan extension. As you can also see, we started sanding the tank which has proved to be extremely laborious.
 I know that I tend to repeat myself, but something has been bothering me for weeks now...TIME.
Time has been freaking me out for a couple of reasons. For one...I have no control over it, and seems like it's moving faster.
 I think time gets up in your ass particularly when you have kids. Children are human time stamps, so you become aware of every moment that has passed by based on their accomplishments. When you don't have kids, you don't have those constant reminders, so life probably moves at a pretty even pace.
 For me, I'm constantly being reminded of moments that have gone by.
It's a blessing and a curse to be aware this whole "time" thing.
 A blessing in the sense that your vision to accomplish the things you want to do is that much clearer. You have a grasp on the time at hand, so you're able to put a value to it.
 The downside (which actually may be an upside) is that your bullshit threshold is at fucking ZERO.
Why is it at zero? Because I don't have time.
 I don't have time to wait, I don't have time to fight, I don't have time to kill. Either keep up or get the fuck outta the way.
 Now, socially, this train of thought has the potential to make you look like a giant asshole, but I'm not an asshole because I respect my fellow mans time equally as my own.
 Your time is just as valuable as mine. What you choose to do with your time is your business as long as it doesn't cut into my time.
 This is the main reason me and Zack are partners.
One of us is always ahead of the other. One of us is always doing the other thing (whatever that thing may be) in order to get to where we gotta go.
 That's the only way to produce what we do in the amount of time we have.
The only defense you have against time, is to not look back.
 In fact...STOP looking back. Looking back is the death of you in a battle against time.
If you let past failures, events, relationships, family issues, whatever, dictate your future, you may as well go lay the fuck down.
 Why live in the past? Why hold on to all that baggage? History is bullshit, and all that matters is what you're doing right fucking now.
 I don't remotely give a shit about what you did 10 years ago, what are you doing NOW?
It's a little heavy for a Monday, but Monday's aren't the enemy. Monday's are a clean slate, a fresh start, so take today by the balls and drag it around with you all day.

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